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FSX Other Aircraft & Vehicles

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Casablanca Class Escort CarriersComplete with Base Model

FSX Casablanca Class Escort Carriers Gambier Bay (CVE-73) and Bougainville (CVE-100). The AI carrier is a native FSX Acceleration carrier. Textures are DX10 compatible and include functioning deck lights that turn on automatically at night. Arrestor hook landings and catapult take-off are both possible. The pilotable version has a few animations, lighting, and a few effects. It also has multiple VC camera views for nice viewing of deck operations in multiplayer mode. The "flight" dynamics are...

File size: 4.94 MB | Download hits: 715

Seawise Giant Ultra TankerComplete with Base Model

Seawise Giant Ultra Tanker. The Seawise Giant was the largest man-made object on earth. Includes two liveries and full load and empty models. By Gary D. Shetter III. Seawise Giant Ultra Tanker. The seawise giant created by Shetter. Sept 10, 2010. Seawise giant, later the Happy Giant, Jahre Viking, and Knock Nevis, was a ULCC Supertanker and the longest ship ever built, and possessed the greatest deadweight tonnage ever recorded. Fully laden, her displacement was 657,019...

File size: 38.24 MB | Download hits: 710

InvisijetComplete with Base Model

FSX Invisijet. Taking the concept of the glass cockpit one step further would be to build the entire plane out of glass. This aircraft is completely semi-transparent except for the seats and the tires. FSDS model contains highly complex animations; moving controls, control surfaces, pilots and and passengers. Interior 3D model allows the flight to be experienced from the point of view of the pilot, or other positions within the aircraft. Includes a custom panel using all custom XML gauges, and...

File size: 6.66 MB | Download hits: 686

Schempp-Hirth Discus 2b GliderComplete with Base Model

Schempp-Hirth Discus 2b for FSX Version 1d, October 2006 A Standard Class glider, flew first in 1984 Plane and Panel by Wolfgang Piper. ...

File size: 2.41 MB | Download hits: 678

Oil Tankers (Sail/Fly Versions)Complete with Base Model

Oil Tankers (Sail/Fly Versions). Includes three liveries of the cargo ships. Includes detailed 3D VC (by Bill Holker), detailed textures (by Garry J. Smith, Bill Holker and Ian and Tracey Thatcher), animations, smoke effects, wave effects and much more. By Tracey and Ian Thatcher. Oil Tankers (Sail/Fly Versions). Once you have the Oil Tankers installed, start FSX , select New Aircraft and you will find the Container Ships under "FS Shipyards". ***** OIL...

File size: 8.94 MB | Download hits: 663

SS AdventureComplete with Base Model

FSX SS Adventure, a pilotable 1930s tramp steamer. The Adventure is an example of the kind of tramp steamer that played such a big part in the literature of the 1930s, from "King Kong" to "Terry and the Pirates". By an "amazing" coincidence, the Adventure is the sister ship to the Venture - the ship that sailed to Skull Island in King Kong. You can use the Adventure to conduct your own expedition to Skull Island. Or if you prefer the pirate life, you can selct "pirate mode" and join the Dragon...

File size: 1.66 MB | Download hits: 660

BB62 USS New JerseyComplete with Base Model

FSX BB62 USS New Jersey. Battleship features AI version included for use with; hardened deck; animated main guns; custom gauge and 16 inch gun effects; crow's nest camera view; stable water dynamics / top speed in the low 30's; custom wake effect; night textures. By Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 8.71 MB | Download hits: 649

USCGC ChaseComplete with Base Model

FSX USCGC Chase Coast Guard Cutter features frame rate friendly textures, stable with no "popping" at all speeds, hard deck for VTOL ops. Made pilotable for FSX only by Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 8.42 MB | Download hits: 640

Battleship Hamagiri Static And AI ModelComplete with Base Model

FSX Battleship Hamagiri DD-155 Static And AI Model. By Mitsuya Hamaguchi. ...

File size: 5.24 MB | Download hits: 632

Invisijet Supersonic TransportComplete with Base Model

Invisijet Supersonic Transport. Taking the concept of the glass cockpit one step further would be to build the entire plane out of glass. This aircraft's skin is completely semi-transparent, with only some parts of the interior still solid. FSDS model contains moving controls and control surfaces. Includes a custom panel using all custom XML gauges, a complete, detailed virtual cockpit. By Andy Johnston. Invisijet Supersonic Transport. ...

File size: 4.60 MB | Download hits: 618

DDG-62 USS FitzgeraldComplete with Base Model

FSX DDG-62 USS Fitzgerald destroyer. This model is the default FSX AI model made "flyable". Features FPS friendly textures, stable at all speeds, hard deck for VTOL ops. Made pilotable for FSX only by Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 8.70 MB | Download hits: 588

Gas Tanker Pilotable VersionsComplete with Base Model

FSX Gas Tanker - Pilotable Versions. This file includes three liveries of the gas tanker ship and includes detailed 2D and 3D VC, captain's view and several camera views. Detailed textures (by Garry J. Smith and Ian Thatcher), aminations, smoke effects, wave effects and much more. By Ian Thatcher. ...

File size: 1.90 MB | Download hits: 587

HE-17Complete with Base Model

FSX HE-17. The HE-17 is a long range 4-engine taildragger, built by fictional aircraft manufacturer HE. The aircraft seats three, two in the cockpit and a rear facing seat further back. The model was created using FSDS3, is fully animated, including the controls and control surfaces. It features a custom 2D panel using many custom XML gauges, and a full virtual cockpit. By Andy Johnston. ...

File size: 8.78 MB | Download hits: 577

Fuji BlimpComplete with Base Model

FSX Fuji Blimp. Sound by Bill Lyons. Flight dynamics by G. Kirschstein. Airship and panel by Frank J. Petriccione. ...

File size: 1.85 MB | Download hits: 576

American Iowa Class BattleshipComplete with Base Model

American Iowa Class Battleship. Late 1940's Iowa class battleships. All are represented including the two that never made it into service. By Gary D. Shetter III. American Iowa Class Battleship. The Iowa class battleships created by Shetter. Sept 11, 2010. ****************************************************************** The Iowa class battleships are a class of six fast battleships of the United States Navy ordered in 1939 and 1940 to escort the Fast Carrier Task...

File size: 11.35 MB | Download hits: 573

B02Complete with Base Model

The B02 is a large concept aircraft FSDS2 model is fully animated, including moving controls and controls surfaces. Originally designed for moving cargo, it has also been modified for passengers. The swinging wings allow it to reach speeds in excess of Mach 1. Package includes 17 paint schemes. Some show real airlines, some show the fictional airlines included in Flight Simulator, and others. The B02 uses reflective textures, includes a detailed virtual cockpit, and has a custom 2D and 3D...

File size: 11.99 MB | Download hits: 556

Omala Oil TankerComplete with Base Model

FSX Omala Oil Tanker. Capable of 60 knots and can turn on a dime. ...

File size: 3.17 MB | Download hits: 548

S/S HjejlenComplete with Base Model

Almost 150 years after its launching in 1861, this old paddle steamer is still plying the lakes of Silkeborg, which makes her the oldest paddle steamer in the world still in operation. Hjejlen is authorized to carry 165 passengers and has a crew of four: the captain, the engineer, the stoker and a ticket inspector. She is permitted to sail from May 1 till September 30. ...

File size: 1.31 MB | Download hits: 522

FCB9o8Complete with Base Model

FSX FCB9o8 is an easy to fly aircraft. The only controls that are needed are the four arrow keys on the keyboard. This plane is highly automated. It can complete a whole trip without pilot intervention. The Autoland is capable of landing the aircraft on any runway in both good and bad weather. In Space-Shuttle mode, it can achieve 100,000,000 feet and 123,000 knots. Version 1.4 has 2 new models. By Hoa Nguyen. ...

File size: 8.56 MB | Download hits: 501

BSG Geminon 2 FreighterComplete with Base Model

FSX BSG Geminon 2 Freighter. Features: maximum performance - full envelope; capable of FSX max speed (2667 kts); stable and strong under extreme G loads and maximum dynamic pressures; ultra efficient, high thrust, vectored thrust; SuperSpoilers; deflection flaps for hovering flight. Model/texture conversions for FSX by Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 1.59 MB | Download hits: 479

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