X-Plane 9 Civil Heavy Aircraft

Boeing 747 in X-Plane 9

Image shows a Boeing 747 in X-Plane 9 with Boeing house colors, early scheme.

X-Plane version 9 has a great community following, with many users creating aircraft to download into the simulator. At the moment, users have not developed as many add-ons as the Microsoft range has, however each package is very high quality, and you can view each file with an image before you download it.

Aircraft design software for X-Plane is included with the program package. The designing of aircraft is quite a simple with this software, and with the way X-Plane works, flight dynamics are created by the simulator software, not the aircraft designer - so designing accurate aircraft shapes and structures create a very flyable model.

This section covers the heavier type of aircraft, usually commercial passenger types such as the Boeing 747, Airbus A380 and many of the other popular aircraft you would find at the terminal of an international airport.

While general aviation flying is popular, flight simulator users tend to more enjoy the larger, commercial types of aircraft - usually because they have spent most of their flying hours on these aircraft while going on holiday or business trips.

Installation is reasonably easy, and most of the files come with installation instructions to get the aircraft up-and-running in X-Plane.