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FSX Scenery

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Lillooet Airport

Lillooet Airport (CAR3), British Columbia, Canada. An enhanced fictious depiction of CAR3. By Bob Caparoula. Lillooet, British Columbia Scenery for FSX. This is a an enhanced fictious depiction of CAR3 - Lillooet, BC Lillooet (CAR3) is one of my favorite places to fly in and out of. I created an enhanced scenery for my own enjoyment, but thought I would share it with others. This is freeware. I hope you enjoy it. Designed with the FSX Sdk Scenery function of the Mission...

File size: 2.17 MB | Download hits: 193

Birds Volume 1 Hawaii Oahu

Birds Volume 1 Hawaii Oahu. Do you like to see graceful parrots, gulls or crows flying around your airplane while taking off? If so, these files are for you. This first volume is for the Hawaiian island of Oahu for its main airports PHDH, PHHI, PHNG, PHNR. By David Roch. Before you take off from the main airports (PHDH runway 08, PHHI 06, PHNG 22, PHNR 8R), pan around and wait for the birds to visit you. installation: 1) the bgl files go to C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft...

File size: 907.31 KB | Download hits: 398

Albuquerque International

Albuquerque International Airport (KABQ), New Mexico (NM). This package will make KABQ fully functional - FSX gates/jetways are added to match the real terminal, cargo pad has been modified to closer match reality, numerous fuel truck spots have been added, the Kirtland AFB ramp has been cleared of civil parking, and the aprons have been adjusted closer to reality. By Mike Lyons. First let me list some of what is new for the FSX default KATL airport. Jetways and gate assignments...

File size: 155.64 KB | Download hits: 752

Moriarty Sailplane Airport

Scenery for Moriarty Sailplane Airport (0E0), New Mexico (NM). Based on satellite images. By Bob Caparoula. Moriarty Sailplane airport 0e0 - FSX This is a rendition of an excellent and very popular sailplane airport in Moriarty, New Mexico 0e0.  I attempted to duplicate the actual facility using a satellite image from the US Geological Survey. I created this for my own use but thought I would share it.  This is freeware. I hope you enjoy it.  Designed with the FS X...

File size: 1.85 MB | Download hits: 147

Nova Scotia Landclass

Nova Scotia Landclass Scenery, Canada. As usual, Microsoft has made Nova Scotia a sea of trees in FSX so here is the landclass for the entire province. By Rick Zenkner. Installation Just copy the bgl files to the FSX addon scenery/scenery folder. Enjoy Rick Zenkner ...

File size: 19.18 KB | Download hits: 466

Los Angeles Scenery "clean-up"

This is a small project undertaken as a learning process for the new scenery design tools for FSX. It serves to "fix" two small areas of the Los Angeles, CA. area; the Hollywood sign and Dodger Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. In default FSX the Hollywood sign sits atop of the hill, while in real life it sits slightly south, on the downslope towards the area referred to as Hollywood. Dodger Stadium sits in an area known as Chavez Ravine, which in default FSX meant sitting...

File size: 466.25 KB | Download hits: 740

GPS Oil Rig

FSX GPS Oil Platforms, v5.0. Updated scenery (three GPS oil platforms v4.0), three mission oil platforms. Includes an oil tanker ship multiplayer mission scenery; the tanker is on fire with two Coast Guard cutters near it for rescue. Open ended mission scenery for whatever scenario you come up with. The stock oil platforms around the United States and Mexico have been marked with GPS tags, NDB, and VOR for navigation. By T. Marson....

File size: 1.73 MB | Download hits: 704

Resized Autogen Textures

This release includes resized textures for autogen buildings in FSX. Textures were resized from 1024x1024 to 512x512, cutting filesize from 683kb to 171kb each. All resized textures have mip-maps included and are in DDS format. Resized textures decrease loading time and increase framerate (FPS)....

File size: 6.33 MB | Download hits: 3587

St-Maarten Princess Juliana Int'l

Princess Juliana International Airport (TNCM), Philipsburg, Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles. Features taxiways, terminal and ground textures based on Google Earth. For Flight Simulator X. ...

File size: 10.44 KB | Download hits: 10935

Scenery--LFFE Enghien-Moiselles

FSX LFFE Enghien-Moiselles. This scenery is to integrate the missing airfield of LFFE Enghien-Moiselles in the north of Paris, France. The scenery is an original one created for FSX using AFCAD2, EZLandclass, Scenery-shortcut and taking advantage of the last one with a very small .bgl and no need for any texture. (This is not an adaptation of the previous ones for FS2002 and FS2004). By Dominique M. L. Donzelot. ...

File size: 1.38 MB | Download hits: 398

Scenery--Meigs Field

FSX Meigs Field (KCGX) Chicago, IL. Merrill C. Meigs Field Airport (IATA: CGX, ICAO: KCGX), was a single strip airport built on Northerly Island, the man-made island originally created to house the 1933-1934 Century of Progress in Chicago, Illinois. The airport opened on December 10, 1948, and became the country's busiest single-strip airport by 1955. The latest air traffic tower was built in 1952 and the terminal was dedicated in 1961. The airfield was named for Merrill C. Meigs, publisher of...

File size: 685.53 KB | Download hits: 1262


FSX Warsaw, Poland. Replacement textures for Warsaw and towns around using textures from default FSX textures library (landclass). Forests updated include: Mpk; Kampinos; Kabaty, Kontancin; Piaseczno, Magdalenka forests; Zabki/Zielonka/Marki/Wolomin forests; rest of larger forests around Warsaw region. City regions updated include: Ursynow; Praga; Goclaw; Ursus and Wlochy; Raszyn and Okecie; Wawer, Anin, Jozefow and Otwock; Piastow, Pruszkow, Brwinow; Zabki/Zielonka/Marki/Wolomin; Leszno;...

File size: 412.53 KB | Download hits: 1301

Scenery--De Kooy And Den Helder Airport

FSX De Kooy And Den Helder Airport, The Netherlands (EHKD). ...

File size: 4.27 MB | Download hits: 497

Scenery--Update For Dutch Airports

FSX Update For Dutch Airports (The Netherlands). Dutch airports EHAL, EHBD, EHBK, EHDL, EHDR, EHGG, EHHO, EHHV, EHKD, EHLW, EHMZ, EHSB, EHTE, EHTW, EHTX, EHVK, EHWO, most of them forgotten by Microsoft, were modified with parking facilities and taxiways. Also a Traffic Tools generated flight plan and aircraft to add AI to these airports is included. For use with or without MyTrafficX By Henk Altena. ...

File size: 106.37 MB | Download hits: 1391

Scenery--Shuttle Launch 07

FSX Shuttle Launch 07 (updated). Fly into the area of the Cape Canaveral and witness a launch, complete with effect attached sounds. Updated are delayed launch engine startup sequence, ground blast effects. This is a full copy of all files needed to overwrite or install from new. By Ron Jeffers. ...

File size: 1.36 MB | Download hits: 1744

Scenery--Istanbul Turkey

FSX Istanbul, Turkey. In the default scenery there is a discrepancy between the mesh terrain and the shorelines of the Marmara sea and the Bosphorus. As a consequence, the representation of the city of Istanbul is rather ugly. This scenery corrects the coastlines of the eastern part of the Marmara sea, of the Bosphorus and of the part of the Black sea immediately north of the Bosphorus. It continues the scenery "Greek Coastlines" by Yiannis Dermitzakis (GRCOASTL.ZIP). By Winfried...

File size: 375.45 KB | Download hits: 2853

Scenery--Loney's Alaska For FSX

FSX Loney's Alaska For FSX. This is a compilation of the author's Alaskan scenery (AK) series. This download is a rendering of 20 Alaskan airports, some of which include English Bay (KEB), Boswell Bay (AK97), Minchumina (PAMH), Buck Creek (AK98) and Fort Yukon (PFYU). Created with EZ Scenery, Rwy12 and FSDS2. Please read the readme file for important information about the scenery and textures. By John B.Loney, Jr. ...

File size: 1.9 MB | Download hits: 970

Scenery--Vazante Aerodrome

FSX Vazante Aerodrome (SNVA), Minas Gerais, Brazil. Adds an airport missing in the default scenery. By Jose Maia. ...

File size: 97.25 KB | Download hits: 174

Scenery--Sicily Version I

FSX Sicily Version I. The island of Sicily contains numerous communities. Of them 104 are represented here. The following islands have been urbanized: To the north: Stromboli, Lipari, Salina, Vulcano, Filicudi, Alcudi; To the West: Marittimo, Favignana, Maraona; To the South: Ustica, Pantelleria (with aerodrome), Lampedusa (with aerodrome) and Linosa. By Toni Agramont. ...

File size: 19.42 MB | Download hits: 1489

Scenery--Berlin Landmarks

FSX Berlin Landmarks, Germany. Fixes the location and size of some default buildings in Berlin. By Edgar Knobloch. ...

File size: 4.43 KB | Download hits: 2137