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Aerosoft Mega Airport Berlin-Brandenburg Trailer Video

Media information


Berlin-Brandenburg Airport is done! You don't believe us? Well you can - as the add-on "Mega Airport Berlin-Brandenburg" is your opportunity to land at this airport even though it will not open before 2016. Welcome at the Mega Airport Berlin-Brandenburg! Don't forget to switch your speaker on!

You can grab your copy over at SimShack here.


This fantastic video showcases to you the wonderful nature of the famous Berlin-Brandenburg Airport. If you have been looking for an easy way to enjoy and appreciate this airport, then you will find that this video is the perfect showcase of everything that it stands for. Not only will this help you fully understand and appreciate the layout of the airport but it will ensure that when you come here in future, you will know what to expect.

This opening trailer video is going to make it very easy for you to see just how beautiful the airport can look when it has the right design elements included. This airport is now going to take on the properties that it always should have, ensuring that you get to enjoy a far more comprehensive take on the scenery package than before.

Another major element of this airport has been the impressive change to the buildings and the overall layout. Now, historical precedent is being used as this follows modern high definition satellite imagery, and improves it by using wonderful new textures. These textures go beyond typical HD quality, and ensures that you’ll see a major improvement to the overall airport layout and style generally.

This mod, then, is a must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy a more progressive airport that feels alive, has better lighting, and works with just about any AI mod out there!

Many airports can feel quite dull and dead when you see them in the vanilla simulator. With this mod you can go some way to fixing that, as you can see from the video. This popular airport will come to life and look better than ever, giving you a deep and refreshing airport revamp that is sure to improve over the original.

Many people spend their time in dismay at the lack of quality in some of the simulation mods out there – well, with the help of this add-on, every time you come to Berlin in the future you will be impressed rather than mortified at the added details included! 

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320 x 240
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Date Submitted
Thu, 26 Nov 2015 12:51:19 GMT
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