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Mega Airport Dublin Scenery Aerosoft Official

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The capital airport of Ireland for your home flight simulator. With up to 20 million passenger per year Dublin´s International Airport is of course the number one in Ireland and also ranked 15th of all European airports. It is served by many international airlines and it is the home base for Aer Lingus and Ryanair.

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Do you come from or intend to visit Ireland at all in the near future within your simulation adventures? If so, then check out this video!

It showcases the new Aerosoft take on the city of Dublin taking the International Airport and thoroughly transforming it to make it look better than ever. The Irish capital has been neglected in the past for other venues but with this mod you can avoid this ever being a problem again in the future. it’s going to make it much easier to come to Dublin in the future when you know that you will be arriving at a genuine rendition of the real thing!

With more than 20m passengers per year going through this wonderful airport, many people come to and from Dublin on a regular basis. This mod helps the airport begin to feel that level of importance, ensuring that the airport is growing in stature massively.

Dublin is a major part of the Irish charm and with this mod you can see why. It adds new textures, gives the whole airport much better connectivity and ensures that it feels alive. From the satellite imagery that ensures accuracy of placement and textures to the busy traffic, this now finally is going to feel like you are taking a trip to Dublin Airport.

The depth and detail is absolutely spectacular, offering 2048 x 2048 texture that only serve to show the immense potential of this wonderful airport. Not sure how to go fly about Dublin in the dreary original airport? Then this can be the perfect solution to correcting this problem. From an accurate layout to excellent textures and stronger night lighting, you should have no problems at all in landing or taking off from here any longer!

The airport is served by a huge number of international airlines and Dublin is also the home base for both Aer Lingus, and RyanAir. For this reason – as you can see in this video – the airport plays a major role in aviation in this part of the world for many different reasons.

If you feel like this importance is not reflected in the dull and dour edition of this airport that exists within flight simulation, then you will absolutely love this mod. The video showcases the beauty, now you can go and actively enjoy being a part of that in future. 

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320 x 240
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Thu, 26 Nov 2015 14:36:45 GMT
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