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Mega Airport Helsinki X Trailer Video

Media information


Enjoy this accurate and high detailed rendering of the major airport of Finland and the main hub of Finnair. Day-and night textures as well as textures for all seasons including snow banks in winter reveal the special Nordic atmosphere. New rendering techniques allow a superb graphic quality without taking effect on performance. Up to date charts and a manual in English and German complete this Mega Airport package.

Grab your copy over at SimShack here.


Helsinki Airport is one of the most important in the whole of Europe and it has, for some time, been poorly represented for its position and size of importance within Europe. If you find this as annoying as we do, then you might want to watch the video attached here – it will help you see how Helsinki Airport can look when the right people are in charge of it!

This should make it much easier for you to being to appreciate and buy into the overall style of the airport for a start. It will also mean that your time spent engaging with simulation is going to become even more impressive in time. With everything from up to date charts being included to manuals in both German and English, this video will help you see why using this mod is a must for anyone who wants to enjoy a better quality of flight across the board.

This mod does a great job of injecting some liveliness and style to the city of Helsinki. This makes huge changes to the layout, from the famous snow banks to brilliant new textures that come to life to make sure that Finnair’ home can finally look the way that it should.

Satellite imagery is used to make sure that the Nordic atmosphere of this location can be well and truly captured. This has got depth and detail – the perfect solution to the dull and drab airport that it is replacing. 

Remember, your flight is more than just flying the aircraft; it also means getting used to the way that it handles in the sky. It also means getting used to where you will be landing, and how that looks. We can help you get through this process to make your life much easier than ever before, simply by watching this video.

Then you will see the potential for airports within the simulator, making it much easier to enjoy and engage with the potential of the simulator rather than the limitations that it has today. 

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320 x 240
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Date Submitted
Thu, 26 Nov 2015 14:55:22 GMT
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