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Mega Airport Oslo 2.0 Aerosoft Official Video

Media information


Mega Airport Oslo 2.0 is a highly realistic recreation of the airport with a high level of detail based on the plans for the 2017 expansion. It includes sharp high resolution textures with beautiful night and seasonal textures. All based on photos taken at the airport. To make the airport come to life the scenery is filled with animations, passengers boarding and de-boarding your aircraft and more.

Grab your copy over at SimShack.


As part of the wonderful Mega Airport series from Aerosoft, this new take on Oslo Airport is an absolute must-watch. Not sure if you really need those new and improved airports? Then check out this mod and see just how much it changes via the video.

In the video, you will be shown just how much work Aerosoft have put into every feature, ensuring that this airport comes alive and looks better than ever before.

Not only does the Mega Airport range ensure that you can enjoy a spectacularly exciting range of airport recreations that were not there, it guarantees that the airport will continue to change, thrive and improve accordingly.

This should make it much easier for you to begin to see consistent and continued improved across the board, making your times visiting the wonderful city of Oslo even better than before. You should likely find that spending time managing the skies around Oslo Airport even more fun, such is the depth and detail of down below!

The city of Oslo is a beautiful place, but in a simulator it can look quite ugly. With this mod, you bring in a breath of fresh air in the form of new textures that helps to breathe new life into the region. From accurate locations of objects to smart geo-positioning of everything in the airport, this take on the airport goes far beyond what many would traditionally be used to.

New textures, a fresh range of improvements to the airport layout and also far greater accuracy in terms of placement all means that your next trip to Oslo is likely to be the most enjoyable! 

The world below you will quickly begin to start really changing and improving thanks to this mod. For those who enjoy extra realism, this is the perfect addition for anyone who wants to have scenery that is animated, beautifully rendered and made to ensure that it is never too heavy on the processor.

Not sure if scenery improvements are that important or if they make a big difference to the overall realism and enjoyment? Then be sure to check this out to see just how much the wonderful Oslo Airport is about to change! 

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320 x 240
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Date Submitted
Fri, 27 Nov 2015 11:59:17 GMT
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