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L`Aeroporto di Roma-Fiumicino "Leonardo da Vinci" - this new Mega Airport not only sounds like "La Dolce Vita", it takes you right into the heart of Italy and into the "Eternal City"!

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As one of the most powerful and commonly visited cities on the planet, the city of Rome will likely always stand as a testament of a beauty and class. This version of the capital of Italy, though, means that Roma continues to have that beautiful look and feel forever; even within the simulator!

Simulated airports usually feel quite muted and lifeless but this helps to make the airport finally look the way that it should. The airport itself is quite classic in the overall layout and design, so this mod goes to extra lengths to replicate that.

The city of Roma has lost a lot of its spark when you arrive in a simulator – with this mod, though, you can correct the oversight. From new textures that help to map out the layout and ensure the city looks more realistic than before, this also makes use of satellite imagery to improve the scale, layout and overall style of the city.

Now, a visit to the capital of Italy can be one full of education and nostalgia, rather than trying to work out why the Coliseum is in the wrong place!

The look and style has been marvelously captured and in this video you can see just about everything that appeals about this airport. The video will be a good way for you to see what you are picking up and why it can make such a telling difference to your aircraft enjoyment in the future.

Whether you fly to Rome regularly or you just want the airport to look the best it can when you fly over, this mod is a must have. The video here will show you what you get from using this mod and why this may be such a useful addition to have.

Make sure that you take the time to investigate this, as it may be the most effective take on the capital out there! The Leonardo da Vinci Airport now will carry the beauty and style of the Eternal City, meaning you can find Roman visits even more exciting than ever before. 

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