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The Airport Zurich (previously Zurich-Kloten) is the largest airport of Switzerland, now in a brand new version for FSX, P3Dv2 and FSX: Steam Edition. This completely new scenery is full details, including every building and the entire airport environment, docking systems and all features you would expect from a modern scenery for FSX and P3D.

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The Swiss city of Zurich holds a huge amount of sway across the world for many reasons. From the large conventions held here to the fact that FIFA, the governing body of global soccer, sits here, Zurich is a city that plays a pretty major role in the way that the world works today.

However, it tends to look quite minimalistic when you come here in a base simulator – with the help of this Aerosoft mod, that can be changed entirely to give you a much greater looking simulation project that will definitely reverberate.

Zurich is a place that can feel lifeless when you fly through it in a vanilla simulator. With the help of photorealistic scenery coming to life here, you can see the city is far more lively than the ghost town that existed here before. The accuracy of the layout is matched with the depth of the textures and the satellite imagery used to make sure that Zurich follows the layout that it should.

With such a key attention to detail, you can make sure that your time in the skies above Zurich now look far more like reality. The depth and detail is only matched by the authenticity, with landmarks and overall layouts adhered to for brilliant realism.

One of the most powerful elements of flight simulation, though, is likely to be the realism that certain parts of the world have. If you want to make sure that the realism shines through and gives you the most effective route to success possible, then this mod is a must have.

As you can see from the video it holds all the qualities and realities that you would expect. It shows you the wonderful airport coming to life with everything from new hanger objects to a totally changed layout, making it easier than ever to get to and from the city of Zurich.

If you have ever wanted to come here but found it increasingly difficult to find your way around the old airport, then this is most likely going to be the ideal way to handle this problem!

Watch the video, download the mod and then enjoy flying to a new kind of Zurich! 

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