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Aerosoft Official Sim-Wings Ibiza X Evolution Scenery

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The brand new version of Ibiza is here! Ibiza X Evolution by SimWings for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D is a completely new developed scenery with up to date aerial images. Let´s go party or chill at the beach or just enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ibiza and Formentera.

Grab your copy over at SimShack.


Ibiza is one of the most commonly visited parts of the world for those who enjoy a jaunt and a jolly. However, visiting it in a simulator can be a far less gratifying experience.

Thankfully, as this video shows, this can be changed. Aerosoft have produced a comprehensive and considered take on the region, making sure that you can get to enjoy a much more creative take on this wonderful part of the world. It can now begin to look far more like it does when you turn up to Ibiza on holiday.

This brand new take on the party capital of the planet is going to be a major boost for those who want authentic scenery and who want to come and revisit their summer holidays here.

If you intend on flying out to Ibiza, then this mod allows to make it look far more recognizable. With intensive design changes using photorealistic textures and high definition changes, it also uses up-to-date satellite imagery to make sure everything from the kinds of property spotted to the layout of large venues and recreational locations is as close to reality as it may likely to be.

This pushes the power of the simulators that it is compatible with to make sure that you can really feel that party atmosphere. With the intensive detail brought to the table tanks to the photorealistic imagery, you can bring back all of those happy memories of this wonderful location!

For anyone who either goes to Ibiza or would like to see what the general layout is supposed to be like, this mod is a must have. This is going to really help you enjoy flying around Ibiza with Formentera included as well for added detail and realism.

The whole plan here is quite simple; to enjoy a comprehensive take on Ibiza. If you felt let down in the past with lack of detail, watch this video to see how it can look! ​

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