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Designed to enhance Microsoft Flight Simulator X, VFR London is a highly detailed 3D model of the city of London. Having been build using an aerial photographic template, it is an accurate and faithful representation of the London City area as it is today. Incl. London City Airport.

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This take on London is authentic, genuine and manages to carry off the weight and the style of the UK capital in all of its wonderful glory and style.

Not sure what you will see changing? Then check out this video to get a full appreciation of the new changes introduced to this wonderful city. The capital of the UK, though, can tend to look quite dull and dead.

This mod adds in major landmarks, introduces a wide range of improvements to the overall look and feel of the city, and improves the ambience in general. From the streets looking more like “real London” to textures improving across the board to make the city more aesthetically pleasing.

This is one of the most powerful mods you’re likely to come across at present for implementing and improving the look of the city.

The developers took an intensive amount of time to really look into each part of the city, making sure that the scenery matches the city as much as is realistically possible. Despite the immense size of London, this does a wonderful job of capturing that bustling, maze-like feeling of the city.

Thanks to this mod and this video, users can now begin to see incredible changes and improvements across the board, helping you to enhance the city of London can make it more engaging than ever before.

This is naturally a major improvement to the way that your simulation experience is going to go, ensuring that you can enjoy a much more visceral approach to simulation and also to help you fully appreciate how fun it can be to fly through more realistic takes on famous cities.

This mod will go a long way to helping convince you that this kind of project is what you want to engage with – it will also ensure that you never go back to using the default scenery packages again in future!

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