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TSS Boeing 747-200 GE-CF6-50 Pilot Edition FSX

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TSS Boeing 747-200 GE-CF6-50 Pilot Edition FSX.

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This remake of the sounds for the Boeing 747-200 when using the Turbine Sound Studios mod package is, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable mods for adding more realism to the Boeing itself. This video will let you see just how and why so many people can enjoy hopping into the cockpit of such a challenging aircraft, and taking off into the skies.

Whilst it might not change operation of the aircraft, the sounds that you hear now accurately and fairly reflect the real thing.

Very few solutions out there are as powerful or as effective as using the Pilot Edition of this aircraft. As you can see in the video, TSS have done a great job of making sure that pilots can enjoy the depth of sound that they deserve. A huge amount of care has gone into making sure that the sounds that you hear when up in the air are representative of the whole aircraft system feeling the way that it should.

The sound always plays a major role in making sure you can enjoy a flight. Well, with this video you’ll get to see just how much fun you can have at the helm of a Boeing with the right sounds. By adding a nice touch to the overall atmosphere of your flight, it will become simpler to get involved and buy into the realism of simulation.

In fact, the developers have gone the extra mile to make sure that you will feel at ease when using this mod thanks to the video getting you used to how this is going to sound when being operated. Not sure how the Boeing 747-200 should sound when in the air? Then this video shows you how! ​

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