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TSS Concorde RR 593 Pilot Edition FSX

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TSS Concorde RR 593 Pilot Edition FSX.

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In this brilliant mod put together by Turbine Sound Studios, you can get to enjoy a new ‘pilot edition’ sound package of the Concorde. This mod will make it easier for you to enjoy the booming sounds of the aircraft, making sure that it runs with the sound of authority in the skies.

Also, this will make it much easier for you to hop into the cockpit and start enjoying a more comprehensive flight experience – the sound is just as important as the looks, after all!

This video is a great way to also see just how much has been changed and improved in this mod. This is a good introduction to a great sound package that is just bound to make sure you see consistent and long-term improvement in the way that you fly and that you handle yourself, typically. You might not think that sound would play much of a role in flight improvement, but this really goes the extra mile.

The main reason to watch this video is to give yourself a nice little teaser as to what this aircraft is meant to sound like. Now you can fully appreciate and understand how the Concorde is supposed to sound with that booming noise and threatening style coming to life here in the most exciting format possible.

The TSS team have done wonders to build a mod that looks so great and gives off such a great feel of realism and effectiveness. Without a doubt, this is a video worth watching, then, to see just how much work the TSS team put into the creation of such a mod. 

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