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Las Vegas has to be one of the strangest cities in the USA. Located in the middle of a desert it is one huge sea of low houses with a wild collection of strange high rise in one strip of land in the center. That’s where the money is made in Las Vegas, that’s where the hotels and casinos are.

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Do you feel like some cities are poorly represented in simulators? Then mods like this Las Vegas upgrade by Aerosoft shows for a fact that there is more to the world of FSX than just the basics which exist today.

This mod allows you to get a far more comprehensive take on Las Vegas, allowing you to enjoy and appreciate a totally new way of viewing one of the most popular cities on the planet. Whether you have been in the past, or want to go for a virtual tour, this will help you see the city come to life in a way like never before in a flight sim.

By taking a pretty comprehensive look at the city as a whole, this works by really concentrating on improving the realism and integration of the experience. As this video shows, Las Vegas has never looked so beautiful in FSX – this takes a really progressive approach at bringing the city to life.

With awesome HD textures, accurate placement of major landmarks and a much greater level of activity across the city, this goes the extra mile in making sure the city really carries the strength and beauty of its predecessor.

It makes such a huge difference and should go a very long way to making sure you see consistent and continued improvement in the way that you work, fly and operate around the Vegas area.

This mod is perfect for realists, as it allows the city to really come to life. Now, when you arrive here in the future it is going to look far more like the project that you wanted to see when you first loaded up FSX in the first place!

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