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Flysimware Learjet 35A Video Preview Video

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A video of the new Flysimware Learjet 35A model for FSX/P3D. This video demonstrates the features and 3D design of this new Flysimware aircraft.

Grab your copy over at SimShack.

This video by Flysimware is a perfect way for you to see what you have been missing out on, if you have ever wanted to try out the famous Learjet. This has been designed to show you just how powerful this piece of hardware can be, when using the real specifications and dynamics. Once you’ve watched this, you’ll be in no doubt about the reasons why you should give this a shot!

In this video you get to fully appreciate and understand the project and what it entails, making sure that you know all of the major features of the model before you try it out in the first place. This video will help you to understand the Learjet as a whole, and will demonstrate the various features and elements of what makes this particular aircraft such a fun place to go and try out.

It also features awesome additions such as 3D designs of just about every feature you would expect. Within this video, you get to see all of this come to life in the best possible fashion, ensuring that you can fully appreciate and indulge in the wonderful creation. However, this is just a taster of what has been put together by the Flysimware team.

The Learjet is one of the most famous brands of aviation around, and for those who have never used it in any simulator before this mod may be the perfect introduction. If you take the time to use the mod, then you will no doubt notice just how detailed this aircraft is. Also, this video will allow you to get the perfect introduction into its features, strengths and the capacity it holds for experimentation. 

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