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Active Sky Next Official Trailer Video

Media information


Introducing Active Sky Next - A brand new weather simulation product from HiFi. In development for 3 years, a new hybrid depiction system has enabled us to depict weather in ways never before possible. A true breakthrough in weather realism, ASN features things like 360-degree variable cloudscapes, smooth cloud changes, full ambient weather control and smoothing, cloud position awareness, accurate radar simulation, advanced air effects, microbursts, high-resolution terrain-influenced drafts, ridge lift and thermals, dynamic wake turbulence, dynamic in-cloud visibility reduction and much more.

Read more about it in our article here.

Active Sky is a hugely popular FSX and P3D mod, because it offers a whole new way for the weather to be managed and improved.

Thanks to this you will notice a comprehensive change and improvement to how you enjoy the skies of the world, seeing new weather unlike ever before. This promo trailer will give you a clearer idea of what Active Sky brings to the table, making sure that you can move from the dull and flat clouds of the past to the immense new changes that Active Sky introduces.

It’s a small change but one that when you do use it will feel as if you should never have gotten rid of it in the first place! This mod goes the extra mile, offering a great breakthrough in terms of weather realism and design to make sure that a product three years in the making can change your sim experience tenfold.

One thing that makes such a major difference in this mod is that this finally offers a new depiction system that offers smooth cloud changes, better coverage, newer positioning and awareness, ambient effects, radar simulation, in-cloud visibility, global AIRMETs and SIGMETS, data integration for forecasts, dynamic wake turbulence, high-resolution terrain up and down drafts, and ridge lifts and thermals.

All of these new changes come together to make the skies of FSX and P3D look far better than ever before. You are now left with a new take on the skies of the world, giving you a whole new way to look at simulation.

This is a game-changer – be sure to check it out. 

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320 x 240
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Mon, 01 Feb 2016 12:59:00 GMT
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