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Air patrol with a French Gazelle helicopter

This excellent video should give you a full and genuine appreciation of just how much work it takes to fly an aircraft like the French Gazelle. With this video then you get to see it all unfolding around you in this visual air patrol. By watching this, you will have a great way for you to see how the Gazelle operates but also it makes a great place for those with an interest in seeing different landscapes unfold around you.

Another major element, though, is that this video will allow you to see just how detailed the world can look from so far up in the skies. Despite this video showing a lot of lively elements going on down below, it also ensures that people can easily appreciate and understand just how challenging carrying out a real air patrol is. Can you keep your eyes on the prize? Or do you find yourself drifting off to keep an eye on other things that are going on around you?

This is the challenge that this video poses. It allows you to see just how much mental concentration and co-ordination that you need to be a top pilot. As far as using this video for education purposes goes, this is going to make it much easier for you to enjoy and fully appreciate your time up in the skies with Gazelle.

This video is a great way to introduce yourself to a new way to enjoy the world around you, and this should get you right in the mood for a patrol of your own! 

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