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Antarctica Part. 1

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Some SS from our package Antarctica4XPlane Part. 1 The free download is possible from here

This video is very much worth looking at for anyone who has been perhaps considering picking up the awesome Antarctica project. This is a project that was started some time ago for X-Plane and has quickly expanded into one of the most enjoyable mods out there for the simulator itself.

It adds a great level of depth to a part of the world that feels woefully misrepresented at times. With this mod, then, you can get to enjoy a much more extensive form of realism that helps this part of the world come to life and feel authentic.

Fans of the Antarctica set or those who feel like the original is dull and lacks creativity should turn to this mod. This is worth picking up for the reasons that the video shows. Better quality, more depth, stronger detail and a greater care for the things that matter make this a must-have mod.

It makes a pretty staggering difference and should really ensure that you get to enjoy and appreciate using this mod. Not only does it add a new part of the world to come and enjoy and engage with, but it ensures you get to appreciate a different look and style across a major part of the planet.

After all, if the scientists and experts are right, we’d better get used to seeing this part of the world only in computer games!

This is going to become smaller as time goes on, so get used to seeing it here only! 

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