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REGIONAL FLIGHT Melilla to Malaga

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One of the best things about simulation is that it allows people to see more localized parts of the world that, in such a global environment, we rarely hear of. Many wonderful parts of the world are marginalized so that we can hear about the biggest cities, the largest nations and the greatest powers. Well, with FSX and other simulators, you get to consign that way of thinking to the dustbin for a few hours!

Take this video for instance; it shows a lovely little regional flight from Melilla to Malaga. Although this a short and simple flight across Spain, it is a great flight to enjoy, allowing you to see the beauty of the countryside as you fly and also allowing you to take in plenty of detail as you fly. The flight is nice and simple to go alone with meaning that the video is easy to watch – there’s mostly just flying over water.

However, it allows you to see just how much detail there is in the world outside of the major cities and the like. This allows users to see that simulations can be used to help you see parts of the world that you would never have before, meaning that your simulation experience can be deeply enriched.

This is one of the most major attractions for some people; being able to take part in flights like this. This is a great way to enjoy and appreciate regional flights, especially this picturesque journey across Spanish countryside! 

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