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Thessaloniki X Airport Scenery for FSX/P3D

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Thessaloniki X is not a standard scenery, it is a tour de force from some of the most talented scenery designers around. Of course the scenery is accurate but that's just the technical part, what is far more amazing is how much this scenery 'feels' like one of those Greek airports that have calm winters and incredibly busy summers.

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Thessaloniki is a place of genuine beauty and style, and is one of the major parts of Greece. However, despite its importance to the home of democracy, Thessaloniki has long been quite underdeveloped within the world of flight simulation. If like, many other people, this annoys you and you would like to put it right, you can turn to this brilliant mod for a simple and easy solution.

By grabbing the bull by the horns and making sure that Thessaloniki now stands to look just as good as it’s authentic counterpart, this mod gives you some of the most talented and authentic improvements possible. From the quality of the water around the city and the airport to the detail in the region in general, you can find that this makes sure that you feel like you’re arriving for a traditional Greek holiday!

The attention to detail and the overall scale of Thessaloniki has been improved immeasurably, making sure that the city finally looks and carries that same feeling and format that make such a big difference. From immense night textures that light up the sky to giving you a beautiful range of scenery additions that otherwise may have been overlooked, this mod goes above and beyond the call of duty to deliver a truly exemplary take on this important part of Greek history.

Whether you arrive here in the blistering heat of the summer or the relative calm and charm of the winter, you’ll find that this is a truly engaging experience worth having in any simulator. 

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