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Sacramento Airport Scenery for FSX/P3D Official Trailer

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The Sacramento International Airport is located 16 km north-west of the Californian Capital and has two terminals and two runways. Scenery for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D.

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Sacramento Airport is one of the most popular and regularly visited airports in the United States, and in the past it has somehow managed to lack detail and precision. Thankfully, with this exemplary mod, you can get all the class and style that you possibly need to make things come together and look the very best that they can.

This remake of Sacramento International means that you can fly here and see everything from the authentic buildings layouts and textures to the overall shape and style of the airport. Runways fit their natural style, the look and feel of everything from the car parks to the runways has been improved and changed dramatically, and the whole airport manages to carry the hallmarks of the real thing in some style.

This is an airport with a huge amount of popularity and with this mod it finally looks as it should. The two terminals and runways have both been faithfully edited and improved to make sure they look exactly as they should, building a comprehensive image that makes sure anyone from Sacramento can see the realistic nature of the airport.

Thanks to the changes from the terminal trams to the busy service staff running around in the airport itself, you get that feeling of genuine vitality and life across the board. This trailer will do everything that you need to see what Sacramento Airport can look like when it’s detailed by the right people, as this shows you just how beautiful an airport it is whether it’s at day or night. If you want to fly to Sacramento and see the real thing, then this is a must have. 

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Thu, 17 Mar 2016 11:37:50 GMT
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