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Welcome to the "old" Quito Airport (SEQU), the airport notorious for its nerve-wrecking landings! Having ceased operations by now, this airport is (was) right in the middle of the city of Quito, making it one of the highest and most challenging airports in the world! We’ve made this scenery to save a little piece of aviation history in the flight simulator world.

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This solid solution from Aerosoft makes sure that anyone who wants to come and visit the highlands of Quito in Ecuador can do so without a problem. With this, you get excellent access to the old Quito Airport as it used to stand, giving you a fun little trip back into memory lane. This was, at one stage, a notorious piece of aviation history as it caused many nerve-wracking landings and problems for pilots due to its uncompromising style and rather poor placement.

Over time though, Quito became a challenge for pilots and with this mod you can take the challenge on yourself with this deep and honest recreation of the airport itself. Although long since ceased being used as a proper airport, Quito airport sat right in the middle of the city of Quito, making it one of the most engaging airports in the world to come and visit. With this simulation mod then you can have a bit of world and aviation history re-delivered.

This mod does a great job of making sure that Quito is not affected negatively by the addition of the new airport, instead making sure that this wonderful city can finally carry the depth and realism that it should have in the first place.

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to make approaching the old Quito airport a possibility then you will absolutely love this mod – it captures everything about this deep ascent, making it look the very best that it can. 

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