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Aerosoft Rotterdam X Scenery for FSX/FSX:SE/P3D

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This scenery has been done with great attention to detail according to the most up to date ideas on making scenery for FSX. It is very good looking but it is also frame rate friendly. As default FSX is not brilliant in this region a large area is included around the airport so the circuits and VFR approaches are possible with great realism.

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As one of the most important cities in Europe, Rotterdam has long been a place worth checking out and seeing. Indeed, this wonderful venue has long offered a chance for people to enjoy Dutch culture away from the traditional visit to Amsterdam. A proper working class city, Rotterdam has been the home of much cultural and industrial success across Dutch history, and today stands as one of the most important venues in the whole of the continent.

Thanks to this mod, though, you can finally see Rotterdam look the way that it should. This large area of support around the airport means that Rotterdam will finally carry the scenic look and feel that it always should have in the first place. With first class attention to detail in just about every part of the airport itself, you’ll see major changes to the airports overall structure and style.

Taking a flight over Rotterdam now shows the bustling city below rise up all around you, looking the very best that it can. This intensive approach makes sure that you can see the city airport and the surrounding materials and features come to life in a way that many simulation mods simply fail to grasp and manage.

With great realism and also better functionality thanks to the new airport circuits and VFR approaches, this is the closest thing you are likely to get on a true remake of Rotterdam airport and beyond, giving you a real reason to see why Rotterdam is one of the most important cities in Europe. 

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Fri, 08 Apr 2016 11:33:04 GMT
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