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CLS DC-10 Beta Preview

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I left the FPS in the corner on purpose, this aircraft is very friendly on FPS. For a benchmark the PMDG 737NGX (still a great a/c) is around 20/25FPS on my rig.

Order your copy of the CLS DC-10 package over at SimShack.

The DC-10 is arguably one of the most popular aircraft in the world, and for that reason you can find that this video – and the mod associated with it – are equally well-loved and respected. This video showcases the beta of the CLS DC-10 in action, showing you just how detailed it was at beta level. We can tell you that it looks even more impressive now in the full, finalized version!

The attention to detail is showcased in the video perfectly, giving you a real appreciation of the cockpit and making sure that it looks as easy as possible to get to grips with. From the improvement of the Inertial Navigation Systems to the major attention to detail on most elements of the cockpit, you are left with an aircraft that is easy to learn how to fly whilst being true and authentic to it’s real-life source.

This means that you can get to fly a version of the DC-10 that feels genuine – compare what is shown in the video above to the real thing. From the laser gyros and microprocessors that are working constantly within the simulation to make sure you are getting the most accurate aircraft response possible, this mod makes sure you are going to get a true rendition of the DC-10.

Now, you can enjoy a more complex but far more rewarding flight simulation experience that changes the general dynamics of what you would have come to expect over the years, offering a fairer preview of what flying a DC-10 must actually be like. 

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