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GWR Manor Class for Train Simulator 2013

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More classic steam from Just Trains with the classic GWR Manor for Train Sim 2013, with a number of models, liveries and scenarios to enjoy.

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Getting to appreciate the world of locomotion can be great fun, but with Just Trains it can be made even more enjoyable than before. With this mod, you get a huge range of improvements and changes to the simulator that makes sure your time spent in simulation can be even more enjoyable than before. How?

This mod adds in a highly authentic range of steam effects that look absolutely magnificent. They make sure you get that real appreciation of what using these old-school machines would have been like.

Five new models are introduced, giving you some rather awesome looking Manor locomotives that do a great job of showing you just what this kind of model would have looked like.

Realistic improvement to their overall command and operation has been included, with realistic breaking options meaning you can reduce the need to have an ejector or vacuum pump when you’re in motion.

A synchronized regulator, reverser and cylinder cock operation is being used between two or more GWR Manors in a single train. It’s a nice little feature but one that adds more control and complexity to the performance.

With this mod, then, you manage to get some of the most classic locomotion hardware in the history of British locomotion. This also ensures you can finally get a first-hand experience of the great rail system that was once a genuine pinnacle of the UK transport system – it might not be as big today, but this helps you see why it was at one stage so incredible massive. 

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