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Romantic Railroads: The German BR95 Class Locomotive

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This instalment in the Romantic Railroads series features the German DRG Class 95. This ten-coupled tank locomotive with a 2-10-2 wheel arrangement was procured by the Deutsche Reichsbahn (also referred to later as the Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft, or DRG) in 1922 for hauling heavy goods trains on steep main lines. Because development of this class was begun by the Prussian state railways, it was designated as the Prussian Class T 20.

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Sometimes, a little trip down memory lane is all that you need to truly enjoy and appreciate the quality of life in a train simulator – with this Romantic Railroads piece, you can do just that with ease.

This latest installment of RR gives you a chance to hop into the old German rail world and see how they used to handle things. This features the classic German DRG Class 95, with the ten-coupled tank locomotive being one of the most powerful and well-respected trains of its time. Using a 2-10-2 wheel arrangement you can make sure you are riding a train which is the very picture of stability and comfort as you ride, giving you an even more comfortable ride than you would expect!

Indeed, this take on the model uses the famous Old Prussian State design, making sure you are flying around the tracks of Germany in a look and style that would simply blow most people away. This means you are taking part in using a real old-school locomotive, with the heavy haulage of massive numbers of goods across the steep main lines of German rail its main purpose.

If you want to go back to a time where things were a huge bit different to the locomotive options we have today, then this is very much worth your time.

By taking the class and style of the old DRG Class 95, you can finally appreciate that German locomotion was some of the most well designed and handled, and still is today. This kind of engine, though, was a huge step towards the brilliance we have to pick from today. 

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320 x 240
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Thu, 14 Apr 2016 14:37:26 GMT
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