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Spitfire Mk V Legends of Flight Preview for FSX/P3D

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This new Spitfire Mk V package includes four Mk V variants in 13 authentic paint schemes, featuring incredibly detailed cockpits, exacting flight dynamics and realistic Merlin engine sounds: * Mk Va (2) * Mk Vb (4) * Mk Vb tropical (3) * Mk Vc clipped wing (4) Many consider the Spitfire Mk V the ultimate Spitfire, with its new 'Merlin 45' engine delivering a combat-rated 1470 hp, much improved performance compared to previous variants, and service in tropical climates, desert campaigns in Africa and the tropical conditions of the Pacific Theatre. The Mk V was the most numerous Spitfire variant, and by the end of production a total of 6,487 had been built or converted from Mk 1 standard. The Mk V could carry bombs, be fitted with a 'slipper tank'" to extend its range, and turned into a tropical version with the addition of the ungainly Vokes sand filter housing.

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The Legends of Flight FSX mod is one of the most famous and well-loved series available at the moment, giving everyone a chance to go back and see some of the true aviation legends of eras gone by. If you are a fan of history and want to enjoy something unique and exciting, you can turn to this wonderful Spitfire MK V Preview to see what all the fuss is about. With four variants included to give you a real level of authenticity and thirteen different paint schemes all based on real styles, this feels just the way that it should.

The exceptional level of detail throughout is massively impressive, with detailed cockpits and authentic flight dynamics making sure you can appreciate having visual and operational quality. This makes sure that when you fly the MK V you are getting something which is as close to the real thing as you possibly can, providing you with everything from the tropical look of some liveries to the deep, war-torn looks of others.

Outside of the visuals, though, this makes sure you are going to be flying the most numerous variant of the famous Spitfire complete with all the little extras that matter. This helps make the entire program feel smarter and easier to use than ever before, offering a simple and easy solution that ensures you can rally appreciate just what the old Spitfire pilots must have been going through.

With such attention to detail, you can see why this is a deserved member of the Legends of Flight family! 

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