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For the love of flying

Media information


When you love flight simulator little bit too much I Love mu Aerofly FS2.

This video – For the Love of Flying – is a Miro Kantarsky piece that perfectly showcases just why we all love flight simulation. With dramatic shots, epic camera angles and so much information packed into the image, this showcases perfectly why we all to fly in these various forms of simulation.

  • Watch Miro as he takes off into the sky, putting himself in ‘the cockpit’ through creative editing work. It showcases him taking his aircraft through various parts of the world, creating a great idea of what it would feel like to actually be in there yourself.
  • For that reason, this video helps to showcase just what we all get out of this – a love of flying, an enjoyment of serenity.
  • Put yourself in his shoes and think about the same flights yourself. From each camera angle, you get a better idea of how it would feel to actually be sitting in the cockpit yourself.
  • It’s a very enjoyable feeling and one that makes it very easy to remember just why we all love simulation so much.

Let Miro showcase to you and others what it feels like. If you need to show someone why you love simulation, this could help. 

Original Image Size
320 x 240
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Date Submitted
Sat, 21 Jan 2017 02:09:46 GMT
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