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I dreamt of faraway places

Media information


To produce this machinima video I have used these nine simulators Outerra engine, Farm Simulator, Flight Simulator X, Aerofly FS 1, Train Simulator 2014 Check Dive simulator, Infinite Scuba, Sail Simulator, Ship Simulator X.

This video, the work of Miro Kantarsy, makes use of nine separate simulators. From Farm Simulator and Outerra to FSX and Train Simulator 2014, this uses a whole collection of simulators. The end result, though, is a fine depiction of the world that we inhabit today.

  • In this 7-minute film, viewers get to enjoy a story from Miro about his own personal experience, using various simulators to tell the tale.
  • Listen to Miro as he tells an interesting story about a man who wished to move from a rural lifestyle, determined to make it into the sky, or onto the sea.
  • In a detailed and eloquent video, we get to see how it must feel for those who merely once had to dream, who never had the chance to live out their dreams – even virtually.
  • In a fulfilling and engaging video, you can enjoy the story of a man as he looks to make his dreams come true.

In the typical fashion that Miro manages, this video looks to sell the story of those of us who have dreamt further than, perhaps, we were even capable of being able to reach. 

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320 x 240
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Date Submitted
Sun, 05 Feb 2017 05:16:34 GMT
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