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An Intruder is Intercepted over Alaska.

This exciting video shows you the way in which any kind of intrusion on borders would be handled. Created by Miro Kantarsky, this excellent video showcases how intruders are dealt with in Alaska!

  • Over the Wallace Air Force Base, you get to watch a response jet take off to go and intercept the opposition.
  • As it flies out from the base and pays attention to the ATC, the jet looks to intercept the Russian jets who have flown into US airspace.
  • Outnumbering the US three to one, extra jets arrive to provide extra support to offer extra coverage for their allies.
  • Eventually, the Russians are caught up with and intercepted by each of the units. As the US troops follow the Russians for a period through the skies, they maintain close proximity.
  • Before long, the Russian troops break off and fly away, escaping their interceptor and moving out from US air space.

It’s a simple video but shows the immediate tension and drama that can so easily exist. Even when no bullets or missiles are fired, it shows you just how close things can move towards being an international conflict. In the wrong hands, it could be even worse. 

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320 x 240
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Date Submitted
Mon, 06 Feb 2017 03:48:37 GMT
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