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A flight in the company of a wingman.

This video by Miro Kantarsky is an interesting and creative cinematic take on the role of the wingman. In his usual thoughtful style, this captures the importance of the combination between two pilots as they fly through the skies together.

Few things are as important as having protection and cover, and Wingman is a cinematic portrayal of the importance of having this kind of camaraderie and protection.

  • Watch as the aircraft shadows his partner throughout, following him through the skies and to multiple destinations.
  • Enjoy their synchronization in the skies as they turn and spin together, head in the same directions, and maintain a clinical pace at all times.
  • This makes this video an educational choice for anyone who wants to see how it feels to try and perfectly mimic the actions of another pilot in real-time.
  • Enjoy the multiple cinematic angles taken that show you just how hard it is to stay as a wingman and maintain the right level of combination amongst both parties.

It’s an interesting video and one that makes a fine learning opportunity. If you would like to see a little more about how difficult maintaining accuracy is, watch this video to finish. 

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