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British Concorde Last Flight

Media information


On the 24th. of October British Airways Concorde flew to New York City for the last time. This is the tribute to the plane and all that built it and flew it.

In this brilliant video, you get the chance to watch the final flight of the Concorde. This incredible and fantastically powerful piece of hardware was once revered as the pinnacle of all aviation technology. Sadly, it’s tragic end brought to a conclusion an amazing time in technological history. This video by Miro Kantarsky completes a recreation of the 24th October.

  • This flight shows the flight from New York which took place for one final time. As a plane with immense technological superiority over anything that had come before in history, the Concorde is worth remembering.
  • Watch this flight as the aircraft bullets through the sky, making its way to NYC for one final time.
  • Enjoy its elegance as it glides through the skies, carrying through the crimson sky.
  • Milo provides an interesting and eloquent narration for the journey, giving a deep and meaningful narration to what happened on that day.

In his typical style, this video takes the abstract and exciting attention to detail that Miro puts into each video. Watch this video if you would like to see a visual representation of one of the most important and tragic flights that has ever taken place in the history of civic aviation. 

We have a very popular FSX Concorde model available for download here.

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320 x 240
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Fri, 10 Feb 2017 04:12:20 GMT
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