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Blue Planet

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This is my views and hopefully, of many others, A cycle of everyday life starts with the first rays of the morning sun. We are so used to this everyday routine, that we hardly pay any attention to it as if nothing could change it. We are so wrapped up in our technology filled world, that we ignore the singing of the little bird sitting on the branch. We push the little keys to avoid talking. We are sending senseless messages through the air. Are we going to become mute creatures? What is in store for this beautiful BLUE PLANET our home? Miro Kantarsky My appreciation to poet Lina Ru and photographer Pier Bedard for their awesome work on this film. My admiration to Lina for her ability to interpret my thoughts so eloquently. To Pier for his talent to capture the beauty of nature. The beauty beyond description.

Blue Planet is a rather abstract video by Miro Kantarsky. It’s a video that pushes on and portrays the ever-changing way in how society works. We talk all day, every day, through technology. But we don’t communicate with the world around us – not like we once used to. This video is a pushback against the change of what has happened to the world.

  • It’s a fun video that puts into place the poetic workings of Lina Ru as well as Pier Bedard to help illustrate the point.
  • This is an interesting video that portrays very impressively how we might be losing our voices as a species.
  • Showcasing a spaceship lifting off into space and breaking off, showcasing the technological depth of our species, it hen showcases what we have become in the main – very different.

Since we began to move closer to leaving this planet, we’ve gone further back as a society in many ways. This short video takes a closer look at this and tries to build a cogent and interesting point as to how this might have taken place.

It’s an engaging video and one that should make you take pause to consider how particular lifestyles elicit change. 

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320 x 240
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Date Submitted
Fri, 10 Feb 2017 14:15:04 GMT
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