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Citius, Altius, Fortius (Latin for "Faster, Higher, Stronger").

The SR-71 is an aircraft that just about anyone with a love of military aviation will have an interest in. Exceptionally fast and as lethal as they come, this is the perfect choice of video if you want to see just how the SR-71 handles itself.

Watch as it takes off with absolute ease, belting into the sky at rapid pace – with some smart editing for dramatic effect. The background theme helps to emulate just how impressive and fast this aircraft is, as you see the sky around it whirr past as the vehicle spins through the sky at break-neck speeds

This is an excellent choice and one that allows you to really get the help that you need in seeing why the SR-71 is so worth your time flying with. The video itself showcase the aircraft from the inside and out, allowing you to see the depth of the model as well as the wealth of options that await you inside the cockpit.

It’s the ideal choice for anyone who is looking to see just how something like the SR-71 handles itself. Get used to the buttons, the incredible speed it moves at and the outstanding, booming sound that it creates as it cuts a hole through the skies. 

We have a stunning SR-71 model for FSX here.

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