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Antarctica at Us Antarctic Station Mc Murdo

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The life at Us Antarctic Station Mc Murdo.

Antarctica truly is a wonderful place, yet it’s a location that lies dormant in the minds of many simulation fans. This video showcases a trip to the US Antarctic Station, MC Murdo. Now, you can watch as a fine panoramic view showcases everything that takes place here.

Starting off, this video shows you an amazing scenic view of the Antarctic and what goes on here. This massive expanse of land has never looked so impressive – and so beautiful.

Then, watch an aircraft make a slow and steady flight over the top, taking in the expansive at a slow pace to help you really drink it all in.

Watch as the aircraft slowly makes its way over to the US base, before seeing it land up and other aircraft – a helicopter included – take off into the night sky. With the stunning red skies that lie over the Antarctic at night, you can see an epic sunset take place before rising the next morning.

It creates the perfect representation of where it is going, creating a very impressive showcase of what this base and the expanse of snow around it looks like. A perfect choice for all snow lovers. 

You may be interested in Aerosoft's Antarctica scenery expansion for FSX/P3D here.

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