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A flight of fantasy in FSX.

This great video is a must-watch for all simulation fans who want to look a touch beyond what they usually might pay attention to. Starting off by showing a stunning cloud formation moving in the distance, this shows the aircraft cutting through the skies and over a wonderful real-life lake.

It shows the aircraft taking in images and flights from many real-life locations. While this is just a fine concept video, it showcases what we could expect one day from flight simulation if improvements were continually made.

We might still be some way away from this level of attentiveness, beauty, and detail shining through, but we are much closer to seeing a real take on the world at large. With the help of this video, you can see where we just might wind up one day – though I doubt anyone will be taking flights through the Eiffel Tower anytime soon!

So, take a little watch of this scenic video and see where you stand. It’s going to help you appreciate where the level of detail and beauty could eventually reach in the world of simulation. It also makes a good representation of how much detail and impressiveness already exists in simulation! 

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Wed, 22 Feb 2017 06:26:27 GMT
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