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Free fall and gliding

Media information


A long free fall and then just glide.

One of the most exciting parts of aviation is the inherent danger that exists in flying such amazing hardware. While many of us never really put ourselves in a position for failure in simulation, this video showcases how scary it can be.

  • Now, you get to watch a small person hop out of the aircraft and go for a brilliant free falling exercise.
  • Fully kitted out in the right equipment, you can watch the person dive down towards the ground in a tremendous fashion, twirling through the air and passing through the clouds with minimal fuss.
  • The video takes in the rapid pace of free falling, showing the character flying through the clouds with relative ease.
  • Then, the parachute pops out and we can watch a serene and simple little drop back down to the land below.
  • A simple and easy video to watch along with, it lets you see just how fun a free falling exercise can be when you are flying around in simulation.

While we don’t get to see him make the landing, we do get to see him standing triumphant and proud at the success of his most recent jump! 

Original Image Size
320 x 240
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Date Submitted
Thu, 23 Feb 2017 01:19:05 GMT
Overall rating of 8 out of 10 with a total of 5 votes.



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