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Official X-Plane 11 Trailer Video

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The official trailer video for X-Plane version 11.  We have just published a review which you can read here.

X-Plane 11 Is Coming – See How It Looks

Having been on the lips of flight simulation fans for some time, the new X-Plane 11 Trailer is here to be enjoyed. In the video above, you get a brilliant promotional trailer for what the next generation of simulation is going to entail.

Claiming to be even more powerful than before, this new and dramatic trailer shows the simulator in action.

  • From support equipment helping out at the airport to setting all of the many settings for an aircraft, this showcases how much power you’ll soon have at your fingertips.
  • You get to see the huge graphical improvements that have been made.
  • You also get to fully see how much you change and work with in terms of world features.
  • Watch a space shuttle flying around the sky, too.
  • Take in the brilliant new weather effects which are bound to shock and astound.

With this video, users can get a real appreciation of what the ‘next level’ of flight simulation is going to be bringing forward.

This is a hugely exciting time for simulation, with new releases coming from every direction. What do you think of X-Plane 11? Is it exciting you?

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