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My full review of X-Plane 10. I love this simulator a lot. It's very realistic. You can do so many things with this simulator. I love the Heavy Boeing 747-400. I showed that at the beginning with other 747's taxiing near mine. The flight characteristics are top notch. I feel like I am in control of a Heavy jet. When I am flying a fighter I feel like I am in the Navy flying an F-4. I've been flying for so many hours! No complaints. I put a lot of work getting this out to you guys. I made it a 'must do' on Monday to make this. At around 4:00 I began flying. After flying, gathering clips, editing, and commentating the review I finally began uploading around 11:00. Hope you liked it! Video by CathayGuy.

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Hey, everyone. Cathay Guy here bringing you guys a review of XPlane 10. For those unaware, XPlane 10 just recently came out. I'm going to show you guys multiple clips from XPlane 10 and discuss the things that make this simulator an ultra-realistic flight simulator.

The first clip here we're looking at is a heavy Boeing 747 400S. As you guys can see there are multiple 747's out there. It is pretty cool the XPlane 10 can generate traffic and you'll see that it'll do that randomly. It's pretty fun and also the aircraft that when you're inside the aircraft it'll also give you warnings when you get closer to other airplanes. So it's very fun and very realistic.

As you're taxiing for take-off pay attention to the detail in this default aircraft. The detail, the exterior of the aircraft lives up to many XPlane payware, which is phenomenal. Take a look at scenery. This lives up to actually payware scenery from XPlane 9 which is pretty cool. This actually came default with the simulator. As you take a look at the 747 departing, you guys can listen to the engine sound. Listen to just generally the realism of the aircraft departing.

[inaudible 00:01:24] flight characteristics. You can see the flight characteristics in XPlane 10 are very realistic. Obviously you can't feel it but I can explain it to you. Right here is an example. You can the wings flex which we don't really see that much on XPlane 9. So here we're seeing wings flex very realistically as well.

Also the the way the aircraft feels when you fly kind of feels like I'm flying actually a heavy 747. Now I've never flown a 747 in real life but I have been a passenger and I feel like I'm actually on board a 747 when I'm flying this. So obviously XPlane 10 has very [inaudible 00:01:52] aircraft to choose from. Right here we're taking a look at this fighter jet. [inaudible 00:01:55] take off and do some maneuvers outside of Seattle.

As you watch this F4 fly, you guys will get a good view of the global scenery of XPlane 10. You guys can see how it's very realistic for a simulator. So the flight characteristics, aircraft sceneries are all very realistic for a flight simulator. There's also a wide variety of failures and a wide variety of weather options you can do on XPlane 10. Right here we're taking a look at this twin engine land in heavy turbulence and snow.

If you just want to take off, fly around and do some loops and have some fun, you can do that. If you're more of a person who wants to do actually do real world pilot procedures, you can do that as well. You can do anything in between that as well from failures to flying in bad weather as I showed you earlier to really anything you can possibly want to do in aviation. You can do that here in the simulator.

Final verdict, it's a wonderful flight simulator. It's probably the best if not one of the best flight simulators you guys can get right now. I've enjoyed flying it a lot. I really have nothing against this simulator.

As always guys, thank you so much for watching and if you enjoyed this video I've got lots of other aviation videos in my channel. Please check that out and if you want to see more, please click the subscribe button for notifications. See you, guys.

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Pro MemberEdwin SapatschSat, 10 Mar 2012 20:10:18 GMT

Nice one Cathayguy--well done

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