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FS Instant Approach Version 1.2 for FSX and FS2004

Media information


FS Instant Approach Version 1.2 published March 23 2012!

If you have not yet tried this fun new add-on for FSX and FS2004 you can download a demo for free from

This new version is a free update to registered customers.

New version adds ability to filter random approach airports by having ILS (instrument Landing System) or having no ILS, or of course having either. Great for practicing the type of approaches you want.

In addition - you can filter random approach airports by elevation. Specify the minimum and/or maximum elevation and get only the type of runways you are interested in. Great for practicing flying in the mountains and much more!

Video Transcription

This is a short video about the new features that are being introduced in version 1.2 of FS Instant Approach for Flight Simulator X and Flight Simulator 2004. I'll begin with the new features and then I'll recap the existing features of the program so that everyone can have a complete description.

The two new features that we have are the ability to specify the runway type for the random approach and also the runway elevation. If we want to pick a random approach airport in FS Instant Approach, we press the random approach button up here. As you can see, we're getting a random selection of airports all around the world.

Now, we can control this if we want, for example, only to be practicing approaches at, let's say runways that have ILS, the Instrument Landing System. If I now pick a random airport, we can see over here there's the ILS frequency. Pick another random airport and once again we're getting ILS airports now. So we're restricted now to ILS airports. We're filtering the random selections.

So that could be good for ILS practice. On the other hand, you might want to pick airports which do not have ILS because you're just practicing doing visual approaches at simple airports that don't have instrument landing systems on the runways. We can see now that we're getting airports that don't have ILS. If we don't care about that, then we just turn "all on" over here and we'll get runways without reference to whether or not they have ILS.

The other thing we've introduced is the ability to filter by the runway elevation. So if we turn this on and then if we set, for example, we might say that we want runways that have a minimum elevation of 11,000 feet. So if we now select random airports, we're going to be getting this runway for this airport, for example, is [inaudible 00:02:18] over 12,000 feet and we've got 12,000 feet again there.

As we can see, we're getting some South American airports at very high elevations. Alternatively, we could say that let's say we have a maximum elevation. Something a bit different here, we have a maximum elevation of zero feet above sea level. So now, if we ask for a random airport, we're going to get, for example this airport here is 72 feet below sea level. Then we're going to get another one here which is three feet below sea level.

Alexandria, six, and I'm sure we'd get a lot, for example, in the Netherlands. So, we can use the minimum and maximum here. Let's say we might want to practice flying in fairly high altitudes but not exactly at the top of the world, so to speak. So let's go from 7,000 to 9,000 feet. If we approach a random airport now then we're going to get, as we can see from the elevation listing here, we're going to get airports that fall within that bracket. Again, all of this is optional of course, so you can turn it off if you'd like. We can turn that off there and then we'll get runways at all elevations.

So those are the new features in version 1.2. Just a recap, the general function of FS Instant Approach, it's an add-on program for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. It runs at the same time as either one of those programs. All you do is you tell if it's instant approach, whether you want to. You don't have to pick a random airport. You can tell it a specific airport that you want to approach.

Let's say, for example, we wanted to go to - oh, I don't know - Green Bay, for example. So, there's our airport. There's our information on the airport. Or we can have it pick a random airport as we've been watching earlier. Then we can tell it how many nautical miles out from the runway that we want to start our approach. We can tell it which runway at the airport we want to approach.

We can set our speed at which we begin the approach. Then, when we press the connect button, if it's instant approach, we'll configure Flight Simulator according to the information that we've given here. It will put us on that approach to the airport at that distance, at that speed, approaching that particular runway.

The other thing that we can do with other filters that we've have from previous versions of the application is, if we're doing random airports, we can enter some characters that we want our airports to start with. So, if we wanted to go with Great Britain, for example, and we put in "EG" and then asked for a random airport... Actually, the elevation's turned off so that's okay.

So, now we'll ask for a random airport and now we're getting airports that are just within the United Kingdom. Then, for example, we could also say, "EK." That would give us random airports that are in Denmark. The other thing that we can do is when we set up the approach, we can ask for a specific local time of day, if we wish.

I don't know, we might want to practice night landings, let's say for example. So we could go ahead and say that we want to the local time to be, let's say, 23:30. If we then turn that on to set the local time, then whenever we start an approach, the local time will be 23:30 in this case. We can be fairly certain that it's going to be dark at that point. But of course that will vary depending on the time of year and also the latitude of the airport that we're approaching.

That's pretty much it. It tells us about the new features of version 1.2, and it's also, once again, an overview of what the product does. The product can be downloaded as a completely free demo from the FS Inventions website, and we've got - let's see here. This is an informal video as we can tell. Yes, there's the FS Invention website right there. So you can download a free demo from there. There's no time limit on the demo. You can only do approaches to a certain number of airports, but there's no time limit. Explore it and have fun with it. Happy landings and thanks for your time.

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