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How to add Airplanes/Scenery To FSX or FS2004

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A Video demonstrating installation of aircraft and scenery in FSX or FS2004. Video by hamzathespartan117.

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All right. Hey YouTubers it's me, homesofdisparden117, and today I'm making a quick video on how to... All right whatever. Okay, I'm making a quick video on how to add airplanes into Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I had to do this video several times because this stupid cam studio wouldn't - well it just pretty much shut down on me.

I had to do this around five times, and then when I did this with hyper cam it was even worse, because my video went by so fast and then there was a huge black screen, and I was still talking, so it was just terrible. I really don't like this. But also, I hope this works. Please don't shut off on me.

All right, so for this video I'm going to be using this PIA Boeing, Boeing 777. When you get it you should get a Read Me in it. It's right here. It pretty much tells you on how to install it. So, it's right there for pretty much every airplane, because every airplane installation is different. So, to install this you're going to go to your main Flight Simulator X root folder, so by default it should be under your computer and program files.

Oh, and by the way if you're running your Windows in a 64-bit mode, it'll be in the program files[X86]. Okay? So, it'll be under there. I don't know why they created a folder like that, nor do I care, but that's where it is. Otherwise, if you are running a normal 32-bit folder it should be in your regular program files, unless you have another file like this. But, okay, who cares?

So, you're going to open it up. You're going to bring it down to Microsoft Games. Flight Simulator X or Flight Simulator 9, it's pretty much the same for both of them. I have both and Flight Stimulator 98, too, same thing. So, for this one it's pretty straightforward. All you need to do is just bring this file into your SIM objects folder.

So, you are going to go to SIM Objects, Airplanes. So, this is where all the airplanes in Flight Simulator X are stored, all of them. So, all you need to do is just drag this right in here, and it'll be in here. To prove that I have it, it's right here os77g-whatever. It's right here. I already installed this. So, that's pretty much how you would do it if it's just a pretty basic one.

But, if you're going to do something that has a whole bunch of files, like this one. I believe it is, this one 8300 which I just got from Cessna 154, where it comes in multiple files, and pretty good freeware. So, you would also get an installation Read Me. It just tells you how to do it. So, it's different for every aircraft. Some of them are just pretty straightforward, bring it into the airplane's folder, that's it. Some of them are just that simple.

Some of them where you actually have to go to the airplanes folder, bring one of the files in here. Then you've got to go back to like godges or effects or whatever and drag those files in. So, it's not very hard. So, yeah. I hope you understand still, if not I may have to re-do this video. Hopefully, I won't have to, but just to make it clear all you need to do is just get the file, and bring it into the SIM objects and aircraft folder, unless you have a whole bunch of files. Then you need to add them in a special spot.

So, that's just it, and to show that this actually works - well, I hope [inaudible 00:03:56] studio won't shut down on me when I'm doing this. But because I'm recording right now Flight Simulator X is going to take a while to start up. So, I'm going to take the time just to ask you guys. Because even though I already have two 777's and they are freewares, I want to be able to get a payware 777, because I think they would be far by more realistic.

If you guys know one please put one in the comments section or send me a private message, because I'm going to need one for one of my videos. I don't know if I will be able to make it soon. So, if you know one that will work for Flight Simulator X or Flight Simulator 9, please let me know. Okay. Still, Flight Simulator X is taking too long. It would have opened by now, for me. But, I'm running a couple things. But, usually when you add an airplane it would take this long, all right?

So, let me go to free flight. I already muted this because I don't want sound interfering. As you can see it should be right here. It's right there for you, okay? The same thing goes for installing add-on scenery. You've just got to go to your regular drive for Flight Simulator X or Flight Simulator 9. Just go to add-on scenery and just add the file in there. It's the exact same thing.

Then just go to Flight Simulator X, go to your settings, go to your scenery library thing, and add it in and just look for the file in the add-on scenery and it'll open up. So, that's it. I think I've told you everything I needed to say, how to add airplanes, how to add scenery. No other how- to's. If you guys could please send me a good 777 for another video, and I believe that's it.

So, thank you for watching. Comment, rate, and subscribe and please consider joining me and Tech Guy on our new channel company. It's called High Sky Entertainment. So please send me a message or techguy3000 a message so you can join. Thanks for watching. So, comment, rate, and subscribe.

By the way, you're going to see my old intro at the end. So, as you see, I have my new intro at the beginning, and my old intro at the end. I thought it would be pretty funny, pretty cool. If you like it let me know. If you don't like it let me know. So, I know if you guys like it or not. So, thanks for watching. So, see you later guys.

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Pro MemberzzsheepySun, 07 Dec 2014 23:32:55 GMT

hi all....i am having trouble...please help....i have downloaded a plane and i can physically see in my sim objects folder but it doesnt seem to load when i load fsx? any help would be so appreciated

Pro MemberbritviscFri, 07 Nov 2014 12:59:23 GMT

how do I know which bit mode Im running 64 or 32 and whats this (X86) mean?

Pro MemberDeekPWed, 17 Sep 2014 17:03:17 GMT

Oh that it were that simple. I did all you suggested. Everything in the right folders. No add on scenery detected. I'm running Windows 7 for my FSX.

Also, I know you said you had problems with the video but the images were too blurred for me to make out specific files. Saying "you put this file here" didn't really help. Naming the files and saying where each file specifically goes would help me. I'm new to all this stuff so need more details. It was, however, a very good idea to show the installation on screen

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