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Adding Repaints to default FSX Aircraft

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Short video tutorial showing how to add new repaints to the default FSX aircraft. This is version 2 of this tute, hopefully this one is easier to see. Video by Jon from ARNZ.

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Good day, there. My name is John Murchison. I'm one of the site owners of Aircraft Repaints New Zealand. In this video tutorial we're going to be taking a look at how to add our repaints into FSX. What I've done is I've already downloaded a skin from the Aircraft Repaints New Zealand website. You can see here this is the Sunny Repaint by Garrick Wood for the default Beech Baron 58 aircraft, and we'll be using that to work through this process.

It's worth noting at this stage it doesn't matter whether you're using Windows XP or Windows Vista. What we're going to be talking about here applies to both equally the same, so you should have no issues either way. Now, when you download these files and unzip them, you'll see various files sitting inside here. So, you've got the texture folder, maybe some put in their own information in their docs file.

We've got the image we just looked at there and, of course, the all information Read Me install file that most repaint artists will actually include with their work so you know how to install them. So, we'll open that up, and in this case it'll tell us what the skin is and also what aircraft it's for. In this case it's the Beech Baron 58, and then we'll have installation instructions.

So, the first thing we need to do is place the texture.fil folder into the SIM Objects Baron 58 folder. Now, I always have a shortcut for FSX that makes the process nice and simple, so I can scroll down here to SIM Objects and double-click that up to airplanes and then select the Beech Baron 58. Oops, not quite. Yep. There we go, this time. I just need to grab the texture folder, drag it down into my Beech Baron aircraft folder, and that's the texture where it needs to be, pretty simple and straightforward stuff.

Let's go back to the Read Me and check the next step. Now, we need to open the aircraft config file, and we need to copy and paste this information that Garrick has given us, so I'm going to highlight that. This information effectively lets FSX see the new skin and display it. So, I'll go up to file and copy. Now, we need to open the aircraft config file from this folder, so we'll double-click Aircraft. We need to scroll down and find the last entry for the skins that currently exist. So, here it is, here. Flight Sim number five is the last one before general.

So, what we need to do is create some space, and I tend to just hit Enter on the keyboard a couple of times, and that gives me the space. Then I can go up to hit Enter and paste that information. You can see it's in there, so that's good. Now we need to change that X to the next consecutive number. So as you can see, five is the last number. So, we just go down now to the X and highlight that and change that to a six. It's as simple as that. Now, we can go up, save that, and close that off, and the skin is fundamentally installed. It's as simple as that.

So, what we'll do is we'll check that we've done it. Yep. So, we're in business so we'll close that, close off the folders, and we'll get rid of that one as well, and we'll run FSX. Okay, here we go. So, we need to change our aircraft type. So, we'll click Change, and go across to Aircraft Manufacturer, and we want to select Beechcraft. There you can see Garrick's skin is installed, so we'll just click on that, go down and look at the details. What it will do is we'll bring up a 3D rendition of the texture on the aircraft, and there you can see FIL Sunny, looking very good in FSX.

Now, you may notice at times that the registration number is overlaid over the texture. Now, the reason that happens is because one of the check boxes down here Show [inaudible 00:04:37] Number is ticked. If we tick that and go back up, you'll see once this wing goes past, you can see how it's just overlaid over the texture, and it looks really ugly. So, let's just untick that box. Once again we're waiting for the wing to come past, and now you can see the fuselage is clean. Garrick has given us that information. It's absolutely no value in having it on there. It just makes it look ugly in most cases.

So, we'll click Okay, and this will change over. Now, we're ready to fly the Beech Baron in FSX. I hope this video tutorial was of some use, and we'll see you next time.

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