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Holographic 3D Digital Projection Explained (Christie)

Media information


Three Christie Roadster HD18K DLP® projectors were used for the first-ever transmission of live, interactive 3D holograms from London and Montreal to Orlando, Florida from June 17-19, 2009. The interactive transmission process is known as Musion Live Stage telepresence and offers a new way for people to holographically communicate face-to-face in real time, crossing the boundaries of geographic distance. Video by Christie.

Video Transcription

What we are looking at is a Musion Eyeliner 3D screen. How it works is it's a Pepper's Ghost technology from the 1800s. It's a simple technology, but how it's utilized here is it's a mylar film at a 45 degree angle utilizing high definition symbols processed by Christie projectors.

High definition signals, high resolution signals coming into the projector project onto a screen, a bounce screen, if you will, a reflective screen that reflects light into the mylar film and creates a vertical holographic looking image. While it's not 3D and it's not holographic, it gives you a perspective or an illusion of that, and it creates imagery without having to wear 3D glasses or any special equipment.

On stage behind us, right now, we have a live feed via telepresence. Masergy has brought in a 18 megabit line into the building for us. Utilizing a high vision Kodak, we are bringing it in at low latency, at less than 70 milliseconds of latency, so that we can bring somebody lifelike, with no delay, as a high definition, high quality image that, utilizing this system, they'll appear as they are standing on stage real. When you bring somebody on stage with them, as you can see behind us, one person is real, one person is a holographic image, and they appear to be on stage together.

We've had a long history of working with Christie, and this Vista in particular, and they are a fantastic company to work with. They help us understand how we can utilize the equipment. They listen to us. More than anything they are a company that comes to us and asks us for input. They take what we do out in the real world and implement it into their products.

We have two Christie HD18s in here converged, and we are using the warping engines in those as well. We are shooting a little bit of an angle down and converging those projectors, and the lens is shifting all the way out so that we can get the imagery flat on the ground. Then we use the warping engines just to bring those two exactly on top of each other.

We have telepresence feeds coming in from London, Montreal, Dallas, and with those feeds we are utilizing Spider to size, using the layers in the Spiders to bring different inputs into the system. The Vista system gives us the ability to put live people on stage, holographic images coming in as telepresence on stage, insert graphics, and all of those elements combine to make a lifelike experience as if they are all at the same place at the same time.

We have a URS system in here as well. We have multiple inputs coming in. We have all the different screens and the lower monitors, the upper monitors as well for graphical treatment that we are utilizing that for. So we have quite a few different feeds from them.

How we use the system also is we have another Christie projector back stage shooting up at another reflective screen, and the reflective screen in the ceiling creates a holographic image for the presenter. So, while the audience is watching a holographic projection from the front with the content, the person on stage is actually watching the holographic image of either a Teleprompter or a confidence monitor on the back side of the film that the audience can't see.

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