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Just Flight DC-10 Collection Video Review

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Video review of Just Flight's DC-10 collection addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator X & 2004. Review and video by cessna154.

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Welcome to a Cessna154 Channel video review. Today, we're looking at the DC- 10 collection from This package was designed by commercial level simulations and their high level of quality of work is seen throughout this video.

This video will feature my personal and independent review. I welcome your feedback in the comments section below, as well as any other ideas and thoughts you might have about this model. This review will look at several aspects of this add-on and detailed conclusions will be reached at the end of the video review. Let's begin.

Models; there are seven different variations of this aircraft within the package. As you can see, there are several different major airlines and carriers represented within the package. For a detailed list of the different variants, please visit the written review that will be corresponding to this video review in the show notes.

Animations; here we take look at the flaps animation. As you can see, the flaps operate in a similar manner as the real world aircraft. The wings are modeled in high level quality. There's also wing flex built into the package as well. Here we take a look at the gear animation. Gears operate as you would expect, also to correct to real world specifications.

Animation is a little bit slow but nevertheless does complete the task. Moving onto reverse thrust, the engine quality is absolutely spectacular. The detail of the inner workings of the engine is seen and I must admit quite amazing.

Virtual cockpit; I was very happy to see that this is a fully flyable, virtual cockpit. This is something that most add-ons lack or do not complete during development. Again this is fully flyable from either the captain's seat or the first officer's seat. Again, everything is clickable that I could find.

Gauges; if you are someone who is very advanced simulation pilot, you might enjoy the gauges and panels more than someone who is a beginner. I did find that these panels did represent meanings and they did correspond to actual actions within the aircraft. So, if you are someone who does want the very high level detail quality within your simulation experience, this is definitely the way to go. For those of you who are beginners, you can completely bypass this and just pick up the aircraft and fly.

FMC; this FMC is limited functionality only. It does work with the flight simulator standard instrument departure and standard terminal arrival routes. Sounds; turn up your speakers and listen to this.

Well, we're kind of at the point in the review where we talk about how the aircraft handles. Now, since I am not a DC-10 pilot, I can't say for sure how it handles, if it's realistic or not. I did review several different videos online of this aircraft flying in real world capacities and it does seems to operate similar. Personally, I did think that the stall speeds were rather low for the aircraft considering when I tested stall speeds I was fully loaded with fuel and speeds were rather low.

Furthermore, this aircraft handles as you would expect. It's not too sensitive at the controls, which I really did appreciate to find. It handles well with turns and rotor controls. At high altitudes, the aircraft handles like you would expect it to, similar maybe a 747. Obviously, since this a payware add-on, the flight model is original and with that comes it's different characteristics.

Overall, though, I was very pleased with how the aircraft handled. I really cannot say anything negative about the aircraft and its flying capabilities, other than the engine are very powerful and a professional pilot might say it's too powerful.

Final thoughts, some positives to this package were that there are several models. There are high quality visuals throughout. The virtual cockpit was completely flyable, and this package was created for really any user whether you're just a beginner or someone who wants to go through all the simulated procedures.

Some negatives, while flying this in Flight Simulator X, there was a frame per second loss, probably at 25%. As I mentioned earlier, there were some questionable flying dynamics with the stall speeds and the engine thrust. But that is of an unprofessional opinion, and you would probably have to have a real DC-10 pilot fly this aircraft to tell you whether or not that was realistic.

Finally, is this worth the cost? I think it is. When you consider that this model is really made for anybody who's either just starting out with flight simulator or someone who's been flying for several years, like myself, who might enjoy more the advanced procedural elements that are within this package.

Again, the opinions in this review are mine. I've been flying for several years on Flight Simulator and I do believe that I represented this aircraft very well with this review. If you have questions or comments, please leave that in the section below or visit my website at for a full written review in coordination with this video review. Thanks for watching.

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