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TopSkills Sample Flight-Sim Manual Video

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See the design and manufacture qualities of our flight-sim manuals in this descriptive video. Video by Bill Stack demonstrating TopSkills flight sim manuals.

Video Transcription

Hello! I'm Bill Stack, author of Flight Stimulation books, articles, and videos. I wrote eight flight simulation manuals to help home flight-simmers enjoy the hobby as much as I do. Allow me to show you the features and benefits of my books.

My manuals are divided into logical chapters. Every chapter is about one aspect of that manual's overall topic. Chapters are presented in logical order, each building on the previous and leading to the next. All my manuals present comprehensive knowledge for home flight-simmers. Images and tables convey information quickly and easily. Many images in the digital books are in color. Exercises help you understand and practice the concepts and procedures.

To help you find information, every page has a footer and a header. The footer contains the book title; the header contains the chapter number and title and the page number. Major concepts within chapters are headlined. Lesser concepts are indented or bulletized. These methods help you find the information that you need and want. Key words and concepts are clearly defined and examples are provided. Fonts are deliberately chosen for maximum readability. They're large and clear enough for easy reading. A Table of Contents and an Index help you find information quickly.

Spiral bindings enable my paper books to lie flat without damaging the binding. Digital versions are in Portable Document Format. They are readable with common e-readers such as Adobe, Kindle, Libre, and Nitro. Anything that reads a PDF file can read my digital books. The quality of my flight-sim manuals is carefully controlled. They are fully researched, edited, referenced, printed, bound, and digitized. I base my books on official aviation manuals, professional pilot experiences, and personal simulation experiences to ensure the greatest realism and accuracy. My manuals are exclusively for and focused on home flight simulation. They are based on real-world aviation sources for maximum realism. They are not for real-world aviation.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you can show that my manuals are not what I say they are, I will refund your purchase price. I will replace any manuals with technical or manufacturing defects. My complete guarantee is available on the Top Skills website. Your purchases are safe through PayPal. Your sensitive information is not given to unknown vendors when you use Paypal. You may also use MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express. Choose convenient and reliable delivery options: United States Postal Service, Federal Express, United Parcel Service, or choose digital format for instant downloading.

I know that you will enjoy your realistic flight simulation, and you will be glad you purchased my flight-sim manuals. Thank you for considering them.

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Tue, 17 Dec 2013 22:30:29 GMT
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