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TopSkills ATC IFR MSFS Sample Tutorial Video

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Media information


Sample video for TopSkills' Tutorial Video Using Air Traffic Control for Instrument Flight Rules in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Check out my instructional video: Using Air Traffic Control for Instrument Flight Rules in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Purchase your copy over at SimShack.

Video Transcription

Bill Stack: Hello. I'm Bill Stack, author of flight simulation books, articles and videos. This instructional, self-learning video using air traffic control for instrument flight rules and Microsoft Flight Simulator will help you use air traffic control in your simulator like real world pilots use air traffic control in their real-world flights.

You will learn what air traffic control does and why instrument pilots use it. The services that air traffic control provides to instrument pilots, the type of air traffic control communications and the air traffic control services simulated by Microsoft Flight Simulator.

You will learn the differences between air traffic control in the real world and in Microsoft Flight Simulator, how to set your simulator for using air traffic control, how to use the air traffic control window in Microsoft Flight Simulator, where and when instrument flight rules are required, how to communicate with air traffic control, how to contact air traffic control from towered and non-towered airports and how to accept hand-offs from one controller to another.

This video will take you on an IFR flight from Peachtree DeKalb Airport in Atlanta, Georgia, to Nashville International Airport in Nashville, Tennessee. Both are towered airports. You will see how to use air traffic control from beginning to end.

You will learn about following vectors from air traffic control, following altitude assignments from air traffic control, requesting options other than those given by air traffic control, acknowledging air traffic control's clearances and receiving and acknowledging grounds control clearances.

This instructional video focuses on using air traffic control for instrument flight rules in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It explains the use of air traffic control for simulating civilian aviation, specifically general aviation and commercial aviation. It is limited to using air traffic control for single-player simulations and it is only for home flight simulation.

This video does not explain instrument flight rules or instrument approach procedures or holding patterns or emergency communications, or the making and filing of IFR flight plans.

This video is not for simulation programs other than Microsoft Flight Simulator. It does not regard any add-on programs for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It does not explain multi-player simulations. It does not regard tower simulations. It is not for simulations of visual flights. Finally, it is not for real-world aviation at all. I accept no responsibility for any misapplication of this video.

Your instructional video is deliberately designed and carefully constructed for self-learning. You will be guided through all air traffic control functions for instrument flight rules in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The video has distinct displays for each topic for clarity. All narrations are scripted and clearly spoken, so your time will not be wasted. My videos are easily downloaded. They are playable on major media players such as Windows Media Player, QuickTime, RealPlayer and Winamp. This video using air traffic control for instrument flight rules in Microsoft Flight Simulator lasts 27 minutes.

Your video can be used, as you need it. You can pause your video anytime. You can go back to review information you have already seen and you can move forward to skip over information you have already seen.

I know that you will enjoy your instructional video about using air traffic control in Microsoft Flight Simulator and you will be glad you have it because I invest a lot of time and effort to make quality products that are useful to people. That is why I guarantee your satisfaction.

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Thu, 20 Feb 2014 16:08:05 GMT
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