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Alabeo's Cessna 177 Cardinal II for FSX/P3D Review

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Review video by AviationInCanada for Alabeo's Cessna 177 Cardinal II for FSX and P3D.

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Hey everyone. What is up? Mitch back here, and today, we're taking a look at a review for the Alabeo Cessna 177 Cardinal 2 that was released on May 27. If you're someone watching this at a later date, came out May 27, 2014, the same day the A2A Simulations' Piper Cherokee came out. So they both share the same release date. Bullets kind of break down into this. First off, I've got to apologize for my awful, monotone-sounding voice. I went to an amusement park a couple days ago, so I'm still in the recovery phase. That's why I haven't recorded a video in the past week or so. Leading up to the day going to the amusement park, I was busy doing other things. But let's break into the review video!

So Alabeo released its product for $28.95 U.S. dollars. That's worked out to about $32 Canadian dollars. I think it's a very reasonable price for two models. It comes with a retractable gear model, as well as a fixed base model or a fixed gear model. It's got two separate names. It's the Cessna 177 B for the fixed skier and the 177 RG. They both share a very similar cockpit. The only noticeable, visual difference I was able to figure out was the landing gear, just playing around with it for a bit. I more so flew this thing for about 20 minutes, figured out that it flew essentially like a 172, and was like "Okay, let's go make a review video and talk about it a little, try to give people a little bit of insight on it."

So if you're someone thinking of buying this product, how does it compare to the 172 RG that Alabeo released I think it was two months ago, three months ago? It's very similar. There's similarities, but it is a difference. That's kind of what Cessna wanted to do in real life, as well. They wanted to kind of replace the 172. If it compares to the A2A, once again, it's Alabeo. Nothing can really get close to the realism that A2A provides, but if you are looking for something that's very easy to fly, if you have the 172 RG, it flies very, very similar to that.

Let's kind of break down into a little bit of the details here. All this stuff can be found on Alabeo's website, So it's got eight different liveries. It comes with the Alabeo GNS530. Very, very nice, very crystal clear display, probably one of the nicest ones yet that Alabeo was able to get correct, not having dark lighting over it. Also allows for the reality XP integration, as always. The superb metal shine, the volumetric side prop effect, the gauge reflections. It is kind of the similar stuff that you've seen in Coronado. Alabeo is just transferring it over into their stuff, as well. Two blank textures, once again, one for the RG and one's for the fixed based one. Like I said, it flies like a 172, and that's what, like I said, the Cessna was intending to do in real life. It flies a little faster than the 172, but flies like a 172.

One noticeable difference, and I was reading up on the 177 beforehand, not before this video, but about a week ago, is the ford visibility is a lot better when you are in the pattern of the circuit, whatever you call it. I noticed, when I was conducting this flight here that you're watching, I was able to maintain visual contact with the runway the whole time, and it was amazing that I was able to do something like that. But with the 172, you kind of struggle because the wing kind of gets in the way.

What do you need to run on this? My lower end system here runs this airplane better than it did the Cessna 195, but with that said, this thing is not as, I guess I could say, visually appealing than the 195 was. But on that note there, if you're someone looking to pick it up and want to know what kind of system specs you need, Windows 7 and Windows 8, 32- or 64-bit FSX with service pack 1, 2 for acceleration. Or if you're a Lockheed Martin user, on the prepared 3D platform, P3D version 1.4 or version 2.2. 2 "gigs" of ram, 512 megabyte graphics card, and 628 megabytes of disk space.

I think this is Alabeo's biggest product yet. As well, it comes with... Let's see here. It also comes with PDFs, as well, for performance charts, kind of what Coronado has done, as well, with their stuff. It's the same thing that Alabeo has always done and the same thing that Coronado has always done, so you can always expect that with some of their products. But I'm gonna zip my lip now and let you enjoy the sounds, let you enjoy kind of just the visual aspects of this aircraft. If you want to see more, I will be doing more with the aircraft pretty soon, but it is getting around the time, right now, where the summer is getting ready to start and social life is a thing that you kind of want to do during the summer time. So thank you for watching. Like I said, if you want to see more, please let me know below. If you want some more information on it, I'll talk to you guys soon. Thanks for watching.

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