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FSX Alabeo Diamond DA40 Review

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Video review of the new Alabeo Diamond DA40 for FSX and P3D. If you have any suggestion? Email me: Video credit: TheCanadianAviator

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Oh, what is up everyone! Mitch Back here. Welcome back to another review. Today, we are looking at the Alabeo Diamond DA40 for FSX and Prepar3D. With the aircraft being released on July 8th of 2014, it's the newest product from Alabeo, of course, and we're breaking right into a review on it.

So I picked the product up literally, like, 20 minutes after it came out. And it comes with five H-D liveries, one blank livery, two models which is one pilot and two pilots. And then it comes with some PDFs that some of you guys might be interested in knowing. The PDFs are the procedures PDF, the emergency PDF, the procedures PDF, performance PDF, or I should say, performance tables PDF, and the weapons PDF.

Taking a closer look at the procedures is more so the check list, the emergency procedures is the emergency checklist. The performance tables is kind of ... Well, it is the cruise tables to get your manifold pressure, as well as your prop pitch. And then you get your indicated air speed off the chart below that. It's a two page document, a two, three page document.

And then the references is like your BME, your BMO, all those types of speeds, all the V speeds that you need to know for the airplane. When I first installed the product, very easy to install, just like any new Alabeo product. Anything from like hyper sport, kind of, onwards. It's kind of like the new install feature. It's, like, online activation required.

The product is $26.95 for any of those that are interested in buying it, and that's U.S. dollars, if you're someone over in the UK or over in any other European country... You kind of just type into Google and figure out the conversion... But $26.95 for me. And let's tell you a little bit more about the product.

So it comes with something a little new, something that Carenado or Alebeo hasn't really experimented with. It's kind of a new kind of gauge. It's the vision micro systems VM 1000 instrument display. It kind of gives you everything from your oil pressure, all the way up to your manifold pressure, your prop. It's like a little display in its own, and it's kind of like the most high tech gauge in the cockpit next to the Garmins that are in there.

So you can fool around with that a bit. It's nothing too complex to figure out. I believe there's a whole manual on it itself, talking a little bit about it. Don't quote me on that. Like I said, I wing these recordings, these voice recordings, every single time, and I just go off a little bit of a script.

A few other things that Alabeo has published on their website is the superb metal shines. I can totally vouch for that. It's probably one of the nicest, most eye candy-looking airplanes, and it's one of the nicest on the frames.

I hate to trash Alabeo... actually I wouldn't call trashing because I really like there Cessna 195... but compared to their Cessna 195, this airplane is really, really improved on the frames. The 195 really really lacked on the frames a little, and that's probably really hurt that product, especially for lower end users like myself.

I'd be able to take this DA40 up for an hour and half flight, and it felt great. The auto pilot worked great. There was absolutely no major issues, only really had a little bit of an issue with the Garmins that are in it. And maybe if release a service pack for that, maybe we'll see it. But all you have to do is turn the Garmins on and off, and that fixes the issue.

Volumetric side prop from the side view, of course, it's very cool. The only down side to this is it only comes to two blade propellers. Most new Diamond DA40, nowadays, come in glades, but for just someone who's flying the airplane, the engine's usually on you. You're not seeing the blades, so not really a big issue for me. For some other people that might send them a little sideways, but by all means... For $26.95 you're getting a pretty good airplane.

With the scratches and blade shines once, again, you can clearly see it. It's kind of like the iconic Alabeo Carenado look when it comes to that. You can tell they both use the, kind of, the exact same modeling techniques, and once again, they're brother sister company. So it shows in their quality of work.

High quality 3D model and textures, of course. I've already kind of said that. It comes with amazing liveries. Comes with a UK-registered one, I believe a Dutch or German-registered one. And then the rest of the other ones are American, and then the blank one, once again, is unregistered. So it's going to be interesting to see what we see on some of the download websites here very soon. Hopefully some people make some very, very nice repaints to this product. I know I'm looking forward to seeing what other people out there create.

And the airplane itself, when it says, "Realistic behavior," it flies very, very well. Compared to some other aircraft that Alebeo has released, this airplane flies really well. The FDE's been very, very precise, and honestly speaking, comparing it to the Carenado SR22, this airplane is a lot more stable.

So if you're someone looking to kind transition from a smaller like something A2A172 or even another Carenado Alabeo product, maybe a little smaller, transferring to DA40 is kind of the stepping stone up to the SR22 because it's kind of a little bit more advanced. But it's got the speed, and then once you get up into the range of the SR22, you're [inaudible 00:05:26] kind of the other features that the DA40 doesn't include in this one.

The only down side to this product that I really found was viewer DA40s come with a bold G1000 display or other avionics packages. When they slapped steam gauges in it... I'm not complaining. I'm someone that trains in old school airplanes like that. And I'm not trying to sound vintage or old fashioned, but... Up here in Canada, we don't have G1000 display Cessna 172's like Guess P's in our model. We've got old M&N models that we train, and there's 1970's, 1980's Cessna 172's.

So we're trained on steam gauges. We're trained on how to fly a VR hold on steam gauges. We're not trained how to fly on massive display units. So it is change for once to have kind of an I higher tech airplane, like the DA40, to have the older type stuff in it.

But like I said, this comes with two Garmins, and it gets you where it needs to go. Some of the flies on, like, an online network, you can easily conduct an IFR flight with this airplane with no problems whatsoever.

Let's talk about some requirements here, and then I'm going to shut up so you guys can enjoy the sounds of this airplanes because this airplane sounds amazing in the outside view. Sounds all right in the inside. Windows Vista 7 or 8, 32- or 64-bit. You have [inaudible 00:06:50] 12R acceleration, and someone that runs gold, by all means, it should work on gold, as well.

Iwaki Mark, Prepar3D, and version 1.4 or version 2.2, gives you the option in the install. To big rim, 500 whole megabyte graphic card and 520 megabytes of disk space, and you are golden to have this airplane installed. Like I said, my personal experience with it so far, it literally took me five minutes to install. I was in the sim, and I was off to work 20 minutes later.

So that's literally what ended up happening. Woke up, saw the airplane came out, and was, like, bought it, and went to work 20 minutes later. So very, very quick install, highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a newer type style airplane. I really think Alabeo is kind of hitting it on the head, and they're taking the step forward in the next direction when it comes to some of their incoming products.

So it's going to be very interesting to see what they can do with the Cessna 207 Sky Wagon when that comes out, most likely next month or the month after. But I thank you guys for watching this review video. I'm going to shut up now. And final thoughts on it, I'd give it five out of five stars, as always. Thank you guys for watching, and enjoy the rest of your day.

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Pro MemberRonald WallThu, 14 Aug 2014 16:38:11 GMT

I was very disappointed after I downloaded the ALABEO DA40. I was unable to get a GPS map to display; I also found the VC instrument controls very difficult and sometimes impossible to use. The autopilot heading setting causes the plane to oscillate left and right. The attitude indicator simply does not work. I was not familiar with the Garmin equipment, so I simply may not have understood how to use it, but there was no documentation to help. I love the idea of this plane and I have another ALABEO product that I love. I hope there are fixes for these problems.

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