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Demo of Cloud-Flyer flight deck

Media information


This is a demonstration of my motion flight deck, the Cloud-Flyer. It uses no power, only gravity to provide a sensation very similar to flying a real aircraft. This cockpit provides something other motion simulators or static simulators don't, lead. You must lead the controls in and out of a maneuver or it will create osculation as a real aircraft would. You can get more information at

Video Transcription

For everyone who thinks they have a cool flight simulator set up, check out this one. It's a Cloud-Flyer with a Rhino X55 Saitek, joystick and rudder pedals. I have a projector set up to fly as you project to the screen up in front.

Now, this cockpit was built using the plans they offer on the website. So, if you want to build one, you can get the plans.

It uses no power. There's no hydraulics. There's no pneumatics. There's no electric servos, just gravity and the cockpit goes exactly where you point it. Pull back on the stick and it climbs. Very smooth, no herky-jerky motion like you get with the powered simulators.


I'm buzzing around here in an F18 and I'm just having a little fun. But you can see how the cockpit moves and that little bit of movement really does add a lot to it. [music]

I'm going to show you how the projector adds a new element to it. It's out in front and you can have it set for the scenery, the chase view, or whatever you want.

And if you watch closely, you'll notice that this Cloud-Flyer introduces something new, bleed [SP]. A real airplane doesn't even go exactly where you point it but follows a split second behind, which is automatically introduced by this.

Accelerating down the runway, flying an L39. This is a sweet little simulator program. Very close to the real plane. The motor's very slow spooning up, so it takes it forever to get going. And at about 120 miles an hour, it just plain stops flying.

OK, up we go. Pull up the landing gear. These new joysticks have got so many buttons on them; you can control every function, the flaps, the air brakes, the radio. Just anything you want. It's all right in there.

Now one of the things I like about this L39 simulator is the pilots move around, look at you. You'd swear they were alive.

Now if you want to build your own Cloud-Flyer, you can go to my website and I'll sell you the plans or you can buy a complete unit, which is really nice.

I love flying. I'm flying one of my old prototypes. But well, doing a little barrel roll here. But it does make your simulation of flying a whole lot more and it makes you a better pilot. It's like a real plane.

I'm just going to buzz around back and land. Now, I've got it set so I change screens, it changes on the projector and I just keep the dash plane, dashboard on my LCD.

It's coming back for landing. Put up the speed brakes and I'm down to speed now. Now the four flaps up for landing here and in for a nice gentle touch down.

Because this plane stops flying so abruptly, I always like to do a steep approach at a little higher speed, lots of energy. There we are, back on the ground, another successful flight. Just taxi over to the hangar and put her away.


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320 x 240
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Fri, 14 Nov 2014 01:34:04 GMT
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