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Mad Catz F.L.Y 5 Flight Stick Review

Media information


Short video review of the Mad Catz F.L.Y 5 Flight Stick (Saitek). This is my old joystick. This is my second review video, enjoy! Also please give feedback.Video credit: AviationXPlane (YouTube).

Video Transcription

Hi guys and welcome to my review of the Cyborg F.L.Y. 5 joystick. Now, in fact, this is actually my old joystick. I'm currently using a Cytech X-52. But it's still a pretty good joystick, and I thought I might do a review of it as they're aren't very many reviews of it already. So let's go ahead.

Let's start with the base of the joystick. It's pretty stable actually if it's fully extended like it is now. But it collapse down to this so if you take it back. See around the back we've got two buttons that's on the other side of the thrusters. So there are two thrusters. They can lock together or they can be unlocked if you have twin engine aircraft you can individually control the engines if you want. But, yeah, there isn't much range in this so really not that good if you're really hyped about the thrusters. So yeah.

And along here we have four controls, four buttons, simple buttons. You can program them to whatever obviously. Another one here. And we have the Cyborg logo. We also have a USB-2 cable, very long USB-2 actually. So yeah. Pretty long. Back around here we've got... I'll show you the main part first. So we have at the top four buttons: one, two, three, four. And we have a pointer view hatch switch so that's good for looking around the cockpit or whatever. you're looking around the aircraft. And all of this, there's another like scroll wheel thing. All of this is lit by a blue light up here. And here is a one stage trigger, but it still does the job, pretty responsive.

Okay, just come around this side. We have in the foam pocket, there is a like a Cyborg Allen key. So this you can put it in loads of different places but here and then you can adjust this. what angle it sits at. Also here, just adjust the angle of this. Also, you can adjust the height so it's really a customizable joystick. Fits quite a few hands so it's pretty good. Fits quite nicely in the hand. And also I'll just quickly show you the...

So this is pitch, roll, and yaw. Yaw is pretty good on this actually, quite a bit of degree of yaw, but to be honest I don't think it's sensitive enough. Obviously, I changed to the X-52. It just has so many more controls, so much more sensitive. This is good to start out, but it's just not sophisticated enough or sensitive enough. So yeah.

But anyway that concludes my review of this Cyborg F.L.Y. 5. Hope you enjoyed it. Comment down below and rate. So just tell me what you think of the video because this is obviously my second video review actually. So yeah. Tell me what you think.

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320 x 240
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Mon, 17 Nov 2014 22:38:52 GMT
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